JD: Five months!

I'm playing catch up so bear with me for the next couple weeks :)

Jacob Daniel turned five months old on Tuesday, Oct. 27. I can't believe he's already almost half a year ... it seems like I just blinked and he went from a squishy, helpless little thing to a squishy kid who can hold up his head, move a bit and so much more.

My little man is a champ at rolling from back to belly. Once he gets to his belly, he kind of gets stuck (so backwards!) and either gets upset or really works on lifting up his head, working that strong neck! Since he began flipping, I took away the swaddle just after 4 months and dreaded it, but he's been a great sleeper without!

We went through another few days of hell when he went through a growth spurt and wanted to eat all.the.time, but bumping up bottles again and giving my body a few days to adjust helped. I've found that I really need to stay on a pumping schedule similar to his eating schedule so we stay on track for the weekends.

So right now we are up to nursing in the morning, 3 7 oz. bottles at daycare, and like 1.5 nursing sessions in the evening. I'm still producing enough to feed you and freeze extra. You want to eat so bad, but this mean mom is waiting until you hit 6 months. Sorry, buddy, but I really think it's best for you.

You typically wake up around 6:30 and lots of mornings just chill in your bed until I come to get you. We nurse and then I get you dressed. I brought up your exersaucer this month and you really love it! You like to watch TV and hang out with Big Brother while I pump and get ready. You are also a fan of the Bumbo ... you like to be up and around people! Mrs. Robin says that you are happy in your swing at daycare, but once all the kids are sitting down eating, you get fussy because you want to be in the kitchen with all of them, too! My cute little social baby.

Right before you turned five months, I started being about to get you to sit up for about 10 seconds unassisted. You've gotten to try out the swing at Ms. Robin's. Strong, strong boy.

You weigh about 18 lbs. and are in 6-9 month clothes and shoes. We just bumped you up to a size 3 diaper - the same size one of the 2 year olds at daycare is in!

Your hair is coming back in and is light, so I think it may be more blonde. Eyes are still blue and I believe they will stay blue <3

You've really found your voice this month. You are a bit ticklish and I LOVE to hear your giggle.

This month your Aunt Laura got married and you were the best baby at her wedding/reception.

You like to look at books and "read" with Dad and Brother. (Big Brother story: every time he flips the page, he says "Once 'pon a time...")

We are all so in love with you my sweet, sweet little boy. I can't believe you are already almost half a year old <3

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Hello ... It's Me

Is anyone still out there?

I've been thinking about the 'ole blog lately. Life has gotten so busy and Instagram is so easy to add little snippets to ... but I miss the "release" I get from blogging. So I'm coming back to a corner of the Internet near you!

Life has been so busy lately but I feel a little like a crap mom for not posting JD updates like I did Cooper, so that and a catch-up from the holidays are first on the list. From there, I know I won't be a regular poster at all, but will try to use this as more of a scrapbook. Making our holiday book this year was tough without the blog, and I will have a baby/first year book to do for JD in just 4 ish months, so I need to log those memories.

Until then, happy weekend!

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