Baby R2: 26 weeks!

How far along: 26 weeks ... less than 100 days to go!

How big is the baby: Baby is about 14 inches long (length of a green onion) and weighs around 1 2/3 lbs. He/she is continuing to put on fat! Network in the ears is better developed and more sensitive than before. Baby is also inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid, which is essential for the development of the lungs.

Weight gain/loss: Just under 20 lbs. Gulp. Looks like I'm more on track for a 30-35 lb. weight gain this time around.

Sleep: Really good. Even skipping the bathroom break some nights.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Really loving berries and pasta

Gender: We'll find out when born!

Movement: Yes. Lots of it! 

Worries: None

The belly: Lots of growing but everyone still says I look tiny. I say it's because I'm tall.

What I'm Loving: We had a bad snow/ice storm and ended up with six days off of work! I was a lazy bum and enjoyed every minute of it.

Symptoms: Nothing really. It was really good to have the down time.

Milestones: None

Big Brother: Felt a kick then said "Baby sister kick me, I punch her." Yes, he insists it's a baby sister. And wants to name her "Cooper like me!" LOL

What's different this time: I don't have that wonderful burst of energy yet, so I'm pretty much not expecting it. :/ {Expect this to stay :) And a very low baby who is bouncing on my bladder.  

What I'm looking forward to: Spring. This snow and ice is for the birds.

Best moment of the week: Having all that downtime!

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Baby R2: 25 weeks

How far along: 25 weeks! I can't believe how fast it's going!

How big is the baby: Baby is about 13.5 inches in length and weighs a pound and a half. He/she is beginning to exchange that long, lean look for some baby fat. Baby is also growing more hair!

Weight gain/loss: Not sure, I didn't step on the scale this week.

Sleep: Very good. Still getting up once a night typically to use the bathroom but it doesn't take long at all to get back to sleep now.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Can't think of anything specific!

Gender: We'll find out when born!

Movement: Yes. Lots of it! 

Worries: None

The belly: Still growing! Feeling heavy and itchy. Belly button is getting close to popping. I'm pretty much exclusively in mat pants and shirts just depend. 

What I'm Loving: Time is really flying by! 

Symptoms: Just tired.

Milestones: None

What's different this time: I don't have that wonderful burst of energy yet, so I'm pretty much not expecting it. :/ {Expect this to stay :) Also, I'm pretty sure it's due to having another kiddo to keep up with.} Also, I keep forgetting to say it, but this baby is so low! Cooper was always in my ribs so it's weird to have one bouncing on my bladder. 

What I'm looking forward to: Getting our new bedroom set delivered!

Best moment of the week: For Valentine's Day, hubby and I went out and bought our new bedroom set. It's supposed to be delivered in mid-May and I can't wait. More storage space and a king-size bed - yippy!

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Five on Friday

{1} Today was the day I dread every month, my early morning meeting day :( I am a liaison to a board that meets at 7 a.m. one hour away once a month. Yes, it's horrible. Thankfully today my hubby took Cooper to daycare for me, so that was a big help. But you know it's going to be a crazy day when you have been to the facility an hour away and am back by 9:30 a.m. Sheesh. Here's to hoping for a less crazy afternoon so I can get out of the office a bit early.

Cute Timehop photo of the day

{2} After 20 some snow days last school year we've only had one this year. Needless to say, I am really itching for a day off. There is snow in the forecast for next Monday-Tuesday and I am doing a snow dance every night in hopes we get a little something. Especially since every time we have flurries my kid starts planning for us to build a snowman.

{3} I'm totally cracking up at a lot of the pregnancy memes, tees, etc. right now. Pregnancy is definitely in the air!

{4} My Thirty-One launch party begins tomorrow! If you are interested, head on over and poke around. I love the special this month! And if you book to host a party (I can/will primarily do catalog and Facebook) in the next week, I'll give you an extra $10 in hostess credit!

Cover Photo
{5} Hubby and I decided that for Valentine's Day, we are just going to go out and eat next weekend. No gifts, since we have both had birthdays in the last month-ish and I actually still have two flower arrangements from my birthday. Oh and we are looking into buying a new bedroom set which can be our "gift" to each other. What are your plans?

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Baby R2: 24 weeks!

How far along: 24 weeks! It seems to just be cruising along.

How big is the baby: Baby weighs more than a pound and gained approximately 4 ounces last week. He/she is approximately 12 inches, about the size of an ear of corn. Body is filling out proportionally and will soon start to plump up.

Weight gain/loss: Holding steady at 17 lbs., which is somewhat of a miracle considering that I've had a ton of crap food with being sick and birthday sweets over the past week.

Sleep: Since I was sick and had very broken sleep I was pretty exhausted, but the last couple nights I've felt much better and gotten some solid sleep.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: One day last week (when I was sick) I HAD to have mac & cheese. A sweet friend gave me a box with several of the easy mac cups for my birthday to keep in my office. LOL!

Gender: We'll find out when born!

Movement: Yes.

Worries: None

The belly: Still growing! Feeling heavy and itchy. Belly button is getting close to popping.

Cooper vs. Baby 2

What I'm Loving: That pregnancy-wise, I'm feeling really great. Back and leg pain has subsided. I've been trying to get in more regular workouts and it's been a huge help I think.

Symptoms: Not really pregnancy related, but our entire household was sick with a cold/upper respiratory infection last week. Of course I was limited on what I could take being preggo, but think it's mostly cleared up, thank goodness.

Milestones: None
What's different this time: I don't have that wonderful burst of energy yet, so I'm pretty much not expecting it. :/ {Expect this to stay :) Also, I'm pretty sure it's due to having another kiddo to keep up with.}

What I'm looking forward to: May? LOL

Best moment of the week: My birthday and being pampered/spoiled.
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30 and fabulous

Saturday was my 30th birthday!

It's weird, but I'm not freaked out or anything about turning 30. In fact, as I was visiting with a gentleman old enough to be my dad today, I told him it sort of feels like a badge of honor and I'm very content with my age. The age 30 just sounds so much more distinguished. Because if we're being honest, I don't want to be 25 again - I don't want the drama, etc. As a 30 year old woman I have a great husband, little boy and another baby on the way, job, home, etc., so what more could I want? Other than those little crow's feet to disappear :)

Anyhow, I'd always said I wanted a big surprise party for my30th, but when I got pregnant, that just didn't seem to make sense anymore. So I switched gears and decided to do a very relaxing day.

A few of my closest girlfriends and I spent the day getting pampered with manis, pedis, facials, a blowout and our makeup done. We had a blast and all agreed we need the excuse to do this more often!

Once we were done getting pampered, we all went home to change clothes, and met back up (with husbands and a few other friends) for dinner.


It was a perfect day, other than still fighting off a pesky cold.

The best part is that my birthday "celebration" has lasted several days. My friend Bella sent flowers to me at work on Thursday (she was afraid I may take Friday off.)

My friend and coworker Ashleigh grabbed cupcakes on Friday when picking up lunch.

I woke up to a yummy home-cooked breakfast on my birthday, and while we were out on Saturday, my boys washed and detailed my very messy car and it looks AMAZING.

Since it took much longer to clean the car than hubby thought, he waited until Sunday to make my cake, but that's OK.

And today I came to work to cupcakes, cookies and flowers from my coworkers.

Spoiled, yes. But feeling very loved.

I totally fell off the wagon of completing my 30 before 30 list. But that's OK. Life got busy, and a few of those things just weren't possible being pregnant. But I'm going to look at the list and perhaps revamp it into a wish list of what I want to accomplish as a 30 year old.

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When being a mom is hard

"Get out of my life."

"You're a bad person."

From the mouth(s) of babe(s). Otherwise known as how my three-year-old absolutely broke my heart with those nine little words in five minutes.

It was a bad morning. For starters, it was Monday. It was hubby's first day back to work in 2 weeks, and he had left about 10 minutes prior. Cooper is a daddy's boy and over that two week time period, grew accustomed to daddy walking him to the car and buckling him up. It was time to go and I turned off the TV and asked him to put on his jacket. Instead he insisted the show was "almost over" (when it had just begun) and then decided he wanted to eat the cereal that had been sitting on the bar for 20 minutes.

Not happening. And I totally lost my cool. And what's a hormonal woman to do when she refuses to cry? Blow up.

Sometimes, I feel like my kid hates me. Chalk it up to raging hormones or the fact that I'd spent 10 minutes trying to get an institutional can of tomato sauce to open with no luck, it hit hard. Really hard.

I need patience. I know that. And to be honest, I know I'm not always the best mom to my kid. He may adore and look like his daddy, but he acts a lot like me ... which is scary, because we butt heads ... A LOT.

But guess what? It got better. That night when I picked him up, he seemed remorseful and gave me a hug and said "I'm sorry, Mommy." {Cue the tears, again.} And I've figured out better ways to handle the sass. When disciplining him, I'm firm. I lay out the consequences if he doesn't follow the rules, so he knows exactly what the punishment may be, whether it's being spanked, turning off the TV, or something else.

Nobody said this parenting gig was easy. And to be totally honest, I'm still a bit terrified over how we are going to transition to 2 kids while in the throws of the terrible threenage years. But I know it's my job to make him a good person. We complain about all of the horrible things kids/teens do, but it's only because parents don't stand up and discipline them. I'm constantly saying that it's my job to raise my son to be a good husband someday, and I wholeheartedly believe that.

How do you get through the days with your threenage terror?

But I know we will adjust. With a little bit of patience. And some wine (come June). And a whole lot of love.

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Baby R2: 23 weeks!

How far along: 23 weeks! Four months tops to go.

How big is the baby: Baby weighs as much as a mango, just over a pound, and is about a foot long. Baby has developed a sense of movement and can feel me dance. Blood vessels in lungs are developing to prepare for breathing, and hearing is becoming more keen.

Weight gain/loss: Up 17 lbs, which is a 4 lb. gain? I also had a big weight gain this week of my first pregnancy so I'm thinking it may just be my growth spurt. Trying not to freak out but that's hard!

Sleep: Very tired and falling asleep on the couch again. Waking up around 4 a.m. most every day to use the restroom.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Nothing specific comes to mind, although I am still on quite the berry kick.

Gender: I'd be shocked if it's a boy

Movement: Yep. Mostly in the mornings, evenings and after eating.

Worries: None

The belly: Growing and there's no doubt that there is a baby in there! I don't think I've mentioned yet, but I got some pretty rough stretch marks the last 12 or so weeks of my first pregnancy, so I've really been slathering up with coconut butter and other lotion. So far, the others haven't darkened, nor do I see any new ones!

What I'm Loving: Being visibly pregnant.  

Symptoms: Back and leg pain. I have had a stuffy nose for about three weeks now and it can go away any time.

Milestones: None
What's different this time: I don't have that wonderful burst of energy yet, so I'm pretty much not expecting it. :/ 

What I'm looking forward to: My birthday this weekend! Since I'm preggers and can't do much, some girls and I are doing a spa day.

Best moment of the week: Getting Cooper's new room started and seeing him "grow up" into his new bed

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