Friday Five

Thank goodness, we are rounding out another week! It's been a hectic one and I'm exhausted.

{1} After a few weekends with no plans we are revving back up into the busy season. One of Cooper's friend's birthday party this weekend, his next, Thanksgiving and then December is here. Before we know it 2015 will be smacking us in the face!

{2} It's freezing freaking cold here. I suppose I should be happy that we don't have snow yet but come on. I need to move somewhere that never gets under 65 degrees. I'll come home for snow at Christmastime. BRRRR!

{3}So far I've only bought like 4 Christmas gifts. Our list is pretty small, thank goodness, but I'm just feeling behind. Darn overachievers in the world (yes, I used to be one of them.)

{4} I can't believe this one wasn't first - I paid off my car this week! SUCH a relief as that will really give us some flexibility in the budget. We only owe on our house and a Menards card (which is free interest anyway) right now and it's a great feeling.

{5} I just hit up Dollar General over lunch because my mom told me of a great sale. I got three bags of candy/fall décor for just over $10. Gotta love a good deal! (Especially since I have treat bags to fill for a certain someone's birthday party next week.

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thankful for it all

The past few years, I've tried to be very cognizant about the blessings in my life and blogged/posted on Facebook daily what I'm thankful for that day. I know that some think it's cheesy/silly/cliché but hey ... isn't it pretty similar to Valentine's Day? Something we should do year-round, but there is that extra day to really count our blessings?

The reason I love it so much is that I find by about day 10 or 12, once I get the family, God, health and obvious things out of the way, it causes me to think. REALLY think about everything. I recall one year being thankful for the dishes because it meant we had food to eat. Those things that we typically take for granted and even see as an annoyance (#firstworldproblems) that are really such blessings in our life.

This year? In an effort not to annoy people and/or put one more thing on my plate, I won't be posting things daily. But I'm going to do my best to really be thankful for it all. The annoying (but adorable!) child. The fact that I have this crazy, busy, overwhelming life.

Because I wouldn't change ANY of it for the world.

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November goals

I feel like I just woke up and it's November. As in less than two months remaining for the year. The month my baby turns THREE (no idea how that happened) and so much more.

This is going to be a hectic month so I'm not making any huge goals but attempting to make the most of the month!
{1} Be intentional with all commitments, try not to overbook our schedule.
Every year, I find myself totally stressed around Thanksgiving, so much to the point I'm beginning to hate the holiday. With the holiday and Coop's birthday within a week of each other and hosting Thanksgiving for my in-laws, I let myself get waaaay too stressed. So I'm going to avoid overbooking myself with other commitments, and also try to keep the holiday simple.

{2} Don't go overboard with Coop's birthday party.
At this age, it's all about having a day for him to just be a kid and have fun with his friends. I'm doing what I can to prep beforehand and keep things simple.

{3} Finish a book.
I'm in the middle of reading two books right now and would love to finish one of them.

{4} Put down the phone.
Our WiFi has been down at the house the past few days and once I got past the annoyance, I'm finding it's nice to just take a break from looking at IG, Facebook, etc. So once it's back to working, I'm going to try and be intentional at leaving the phone in our bedroom at least until we put C to bed every night.

{5} Get a start on Christmas shopping.
I'd love to have it done, but that may be a bit much. My list is pretty short as I just do small ornament exchanges with my girlfriends and we only buy for the kids in our family, but I need to make a dent in what needs to be purchased.

{6} Pay off my car.
This will be done on the 10th! Yes, it's supposed to be paid off this month anyhow but this is huge for me - it's the first really big purchase that I'll have paid off --- plus, I did 36 month financing, so it's super exciting to have a vehicle in great shape that's paid off and I have a ton of equity in! Hubby's is paid off as well, so we are planning to update some furniture and really focus on paying down our mortgage!

{7} Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Since I hit my goal weight I've been slipping up more than I care to admit. I'm actually still holding steady at the same weight, but getting lazy. I'm wanting to commit myself to tracking all food consumed and working out at least three times a week.

I think seven goals is pretty good! I'll check back in next month to see how I did!

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