What I'm Loving

Happy Wednesday! I decided to play along with Jamie and share a few of the things I'm loving this week.

I'm LOVING that I am on spring break! I still have a couple meetings to attend and A LOT to get done, but Cooper is still going to day care to get back into his schedule, so I'm doing some relaxing and cleaning/organizing. 

I'm LOVING that I got to sleep in this morning. Hubby could tell that I still haven't caught up on sleep since Vegas, so he didn't wake me until he was about to leave for work. 

I'm LOVING puffcorn! I noticed the Mister smelled like popcorn a few weeks ago and my sitter said she does this for a snack some days - it's oven baked and doens't have hulls or hard kernels. The cheese flavor is my favorite :) Plus, it's only $2 a bag, and less than 200 calories per serving.

I'm LOVING that Little Man gets to go to an Easter Egg Hunt this weekend! There is one nearby with a 0-2 age group, and he did a pretty good job at a "trial" egg hunt around the house this weekend. 

I'm LOVING the easter candy! Robin's eggs are my favorite - but I don't like Whoppers. Weird, huh?

I'm LOVING that I get a shopping day and lunch date with some of my besties on Friday. 

I'm LOVING that I got to enjoy a yummy, yummy, yummy Miami Vice while in Vegas last week. I haven't been able to get one of these made since Puerto Rico. 

I'm LOVING this sweet little guy, and so glad he's beginning to feel better. It's heartbreaking for this mama to have a sick baby boy. 

What are you loving today? 

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Finish the sentence....

1. If calories didn't count, I would eat...carbs, carbs, carbs! Like ... biscuits and gravy for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and mashed potatoes/gravy with rolls for supper. Oh and ice cream, cake and other wonderful sweet things!
2. On my Prom night.... I had a blast with great friends. After both proms. Junior year a small group of us did movies and a sleepover (coed...) and my senior year, we had a bonfire. Awesome.

3. When I go to the store, I always buy... milk. Mama needs to just buy a cow!

4. Family functions typically... who's family - mine or the in-laws :) They pretty much all drive me crazy, just in different ways.

5. I think my blog readers... are amazing!

6. I'd much rather be..... wearing my pajamas right now.
7. I have an obsession with.... my kid, Bubble Xplode, Facebook, chocolate.

8. My work friends.... I don't really consider myself to have work friends. Business is business, personal is personal. Work friendships always seem to get clique-y, in my opinion.

9. When I created my Facebook account.... It was in the early FB days and I had no idea what I was doing.
10. My least favorite word is... "old lady" - so not technically "a" word, but I hate it.

11. I really don't remember.... life before being with my hubby.

12. Justin Bieber.... freaks me out. Can't.stand.him.

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This & That

  • So, I have a reason for my blog silence ... we have been in Vegas! Actually we returned last Tuesday, but have been really busy. Full recap to come soon ... but we had an amazing time and can't wait to return!

  • Wouldn't you know that Mister got a fever the first full day we were back. I had to come into work last Thursday, so he got a Daddy-Coopy day. He's still a bit under the weather, teething, and getting used to being back home, so I'm hoping it all passes soon!
  • I'm having real issues with the cold weather. We are lucky that we aren't really getting snow ... but for Pete's sake, I was laying out by a pool this time last week.
  • I'm ready for spring weather, but still can't believe it's almost April.
  • I can't believe Easter is less than a week away! And our Easter/Spring Break is Wednesday-Monday, so I'm very excited for a loooong weekend.
  • I'm starting to get a real case of the baby fever. Not good, since I need to wait about another year to get preggo again.

  • Having four days off, working four, then another four days off makes life a little insane.
  • Now that vacation is over and our cold days are numbered (hopefully) we are moving ahead with plans for our basement. It's being waterproofed and we will be finishing out the bathroom, adding doors/frames and trim. We began this weekend by clearing things out of the storage room. Now hubby gets the fun task of tearing things apart.
  • I'm signed up to run a 5K in two weeks and not at all prepared. I hate, hate, hate running on the treadmill.
  • Mister Cooper is now officially 16 months! And also in the Terrible Twos, I fear. I'm hoping he gets to feeling better soon to allow me to take some updated pictures. Because boy is on the move.
  • We're going back in to get his iron re-tested this week. Keeping my fingers crossed that goes well.
  • Now that life is getting back to normal, I figure it's a good time to begin menu planning again! It really does make everything easier when I do.
    • Sunday: Ham/beans, fried potatoes, corn bread
    • Monday: I have a work event, so probably leftovers for the boys
    • Tuesday: Spaghetti, garlic bread, salad
    • Wednesday: Chicken tenders, noodles/tomato juice
    • Thursday: Leftovers
    • Friday: Salmon patties, fried potatoes, mac & cheese
    • Saturday: Easter w/my family. We are taking hash brown potatoes and Easter cupcakes!

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It's days like these...

... that I wish I had a part time job!

I'm not sure if it is the time change, teething, or something else, but this week has been absolutely horrible for Cooper.

How I felt this morning.

Let me take that back - Monday was a good day. Mister was smiling, laughing, etc.

Then Tuesday came around and he threw a fit when we got to daycare because I tried to take off his jacket.

Wednesday he starting whining the minute we walked in the door.

Today it began the second I put him down. I grabbed him a toy that he loves, and he proceeded to throw it down, hitting the baby sitter's glass-topped end table. Thankfully nothing broke.

I'm kinda at my wit's end. I always told myself that I would have a well-behaved kid. And he is the furthest from it these days. Not to mention, I am embarrassed by it. Who wants to see their kid lying flat on the floor having a fit like the world is ending? Kid, you have people take care of you all day AND are encouraged to nap at least twice. If you want to cry about the day ahead, please, spend a day in my shoes.

From what I'm told, this is normal and every kid goes through this at some point. True? Suggestions? I can say that he's been a big ole ball of slobber this week and you can feel knots where his eye teeth are trying to come through, so I think that's a big factor. And the mornings have been really hard on him.

And for me? Well, I just want to cry. And let him do things on his own schedule, giving him time to really wake up in the mornings. I'm sick of the hustle and bustle, and it ultimately just makes my life a lot more miserable every morning.

Let's just hope this is a season that passes soon. If not, I may need to have my liver checked.

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Breaking up is hard to do

This Saturday, something is happening that I've been dreading ever since October. A stranger is cutting my hair.

Shannon, my beloved hairdresser, has moved. Her husband got a really great job opportunity and, while I'm thrilled for their family, I'm heartbroken. So is my hair.

Shannon also gave Mister his first haircut and did SUCH a great job!
Other than a couple of updos, no one other than Shannon has done my hair since 2007. That's SIX years people. I have really wonky, thick hair (that totally got even more weird when I was pregnant/nursing) and really don't trust a lot of people to touch my hair.

For a long time, I felt like it was a breakup. I had no idea where to pick up the pieces {dramatic, I know} or who to go to. I mean, to me, a hairdresser is like a BFF. You have to click and be able to carry on a conversation. What if the new girl Shannon recommended and I don't click? What if it's silence for an hour? What if she screws up? What if I freak out when I walk into the salon and Shannon isn't there.

For a long time I considered making a "clean" break and just going to someone at a totally different salon. I picked up the phone and dialed the number a few times, only to hang up. I mean, it's like going on a date with a new person, and I'm just not that gutsy.

So on Saturday, I'm going in for a haircut and color. I'm REALLY hoping to walk out with a new BFF.

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The worst feeling

This morning was scary.

It started out normal enough. There is some snow on the ground {by the way, Mother Nature, it is March now, so spring-like weather would be enjoyed.} As on the first Friday of most months, I travelled to a town about 30 minutes south of us for their First Friday Coffee.

In the middle of networking, my phone rings. I'm more annoyed at myself than anything as I hurry to silence it. I notice it's the number from the local hosptial, but don't think anything of it. They leave a voicemail. Then I remember that calls from our doctors office show that number. And Cooper just had bloodwork done at his 15 month checkup on Tuesday.

I make up a reason to excuse myself and walk away to listen to the voicemail. Michelle, this is Pam from Dr. C's office. I'm calling about Cooper's bloodwork. Call me at XXX when you get a moment.

Shit. Forgive my French, but that's exactly what I was thinking. I mean, if everything was good they would have said that in the message, right?

I'm a bit dramatic. Especially when it comes to my kid. Of course, the worst begins going through my head. I'm sitting here thinking that bloodwork typically indicates cancer. I'm thinking of how I'll have to quit my job, sell my car, sell our house and all these things to take care of our sweet baby boy.

Of course, when I call back I get the voicemail. And I was on my way to another meeting, so I tell them it would be best to wait until after 11 to call back, unless they can get back to me in the next 10 minutes.

They don't. In fact, it's closer to 11:30 by the time I hear back. Worrying the entire time.

First words out of her mouth? Cooper's bloodwork is fine. Thank God - yes, I said it out loud. Then I hear the word But ....  Definitely not what I was wanting to hear.

Cooper is slightly anemic. So we are supposed to make sure he gets more iron. Honestly, he eats beans and meat very well already, so I don't think it will be too big of a deal. In a few weeks, we'll go back to the lab to have more bloodwork done {which was bad enough the first time} to recheck the levels and make sure that slightly altering his diet did the trick.

Right now, I'm just thanking God that nothing big is wrong. Low iron is totally fixable. And honestly, it's not a huge surprise - I was anemic during pregnancy, and am often turned away from giving blood due to low iron.

But boy, it was a scare. Definitely a feeling I never want to experience again.

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