Midweek randoms!

  • Have I ever mentioned that I have arthritis in my left arm? Seven years ago, I was thrown fell off of a horse and ended up breaking my radial head {AKA, elbow}. It was a pretty bad break and the bone actually rotated, which meant surgery. And arthritis. Anyhow, I'm not sure if it's the hot, humid and rainy weather or what, but it's been acting up badly lately.
  • I know firsthand how important it is to just have time to yourself after having a baby, but I'm trying to come up with an excuse to go love on baby Henry again soon.
  • If you are needing new clothes, check out the mall NOW. We found some amazing deals over the weekend - up to 80 percent off at NY&Co., and great deals at TCP for Cooper as well. I scored these awesome pants for less than $10! In fact, I walked out with a full bag spending just under $50!

  • Sometimes, taking a day off work just isn't worth it. Which I still did about 4 hours of work this week, so that's totally not fair! And, I'm helping with a golf tournament later this week so it's been crazy finalizing everything for it, not to mention work in general. Oh, and at 4 p.m. yesterday we finally set the groundbreaking date for the big project I've been working on. So life has been a bit hectic to say the least.
  • I'm kinda wanting a new blog design, but not wanting to shell out big $$ for it. Should I attempt to do on my own? Is there anyone out there who is inexpensive? Honestly, I just want simple ... like a white background and cute headers.
  • I am so, so excited for Big Brother to start back up tonight!
  • My little sweetheart turned 19 months on Sunday. Even thought he wasn't feeling well, Mommy made his favorite meal and that made everything better!

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What's been happening: photo-style :)

The hose has a leak in it, but when I walked up behind Cooper and saw this, I burst out laughing and had to grab my phone!

The only horse I would trust my baby on :)

Yes, monky man climbed up a six-foot ladder by himself. Don't worry, Daddy is just outside the picture.

Hello? Someone is obsessed with phones these days, so we gave him an old one!

Notice any resemblance between my husband and the man in the picture? We were at an event last week and he decided he wanted to be like this man :)

We're also obsessed with coozie cups right now and free advertising for Cousin Lee's pharmacy.


Baby love!

One of my best friends had her baby last week! Liz was due on Tuesday and the growth ultrasound showed baby was around 9 lbs., 15 ounces, so her doctors didn't want to wait too long. She ended up going in for an induction on Thursday night and was a mommy about 24 hours later!

Of course, we had to go see Josh, Liz and baby Henry James on Saturday. We are in love. With all 10 lbs. and 22.5 inches of him. Reminded us of a certain big baby that sure has captured our hearts :)


Check out his hair!

While we were out visiting and shopping, a certain little someone got to ride the combine. He was going to stay the night with Grandma and PaPa, but ended up getting a fever {have I mentioned that I hate two year molars?} so we picked him up on the way through and canceled our plans with friends. 

Today, hubby and I are off work! I was going to lose a personal day at the end of the week if I didn't use it, so we are doing some projects around the house. 

If you haven't yet, don't forget to enter to win a FREE canvas print HERE. The giveaway is open through Wednesday. 

Happy Monday!

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What I'm Loving/Midweek Randoms

There's lots that I'm loving on this BEAUTIFUL Wednesday!

  • I'm actually really loving my summer hours. With Cooper being older and not having to worry about nursing/pumping, it's not all that bad.
  • I'm loving having freezer meals prepared. It's so nice to just pull something out of the freezer and put it in the fridge the night before and pop it in the oven. We've had some great hits and some misses, and I'm planning on putting together a post soon, including recipes!
Leftovers from a recent, delicious meal!
  • I'm loving how sweet my little man was. Last night before bed, he pulled a book off his shelf (The Going To Bed Book - so smart :)) and laid beside me on the floor to read it. Once we finished, he rolled over and gave me a kiss. Totally what I needed to turn around my crappy {work} day.
  • I'm loving that I get a four-day weekend beginning at 6 p.m. tomorrow. Yay!
  • I'm loving that I can unwind like this after said crappy day.

  • I'm loving my sweet boys! Even though I didn't do a Father's Day post {we had a super hectic weekend between me having a yard sale and hubby baling/hauling day} we are so glad to have this Daddy. Cooper loves and adores his daddy so much!

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Canvas prints = Giveaway!

So hubby and I have been in our home 3.5 years now.
And it's embarassing to admit, but we still have a TON of blank walls. In fact, the nursery is the only room I consider "done." Since we are planning to get new furniture, etc. for all of the rooms eventually and I have a problem committing, we've decided to just leave the walls blank.
So boring, right? And this is our master!
However, I'll finally be getting something above the headboard of our bed soon, thanks to Easy Canvas Prints!
photo to canvas

I love the idea of canvas - they are beautiful and have depth, but are so personal. I'll be getting one of our wedding pictures to place over the bed, and I just can't wait. Of course, I'll share the "after" once I get it in, hung, and have a clean enough room to photography!
In addition to sending me a canvas, the nice people over at Easy Canvas Prints want to give a FREE 8 by 10" canvas with free shipping to one of my readers. So great, huh? And there is free shipping, too!
Enter using the Rafflecopter below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Readers can notify friends of this contest HERE.
For any other sign printing needs, check out 
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banner maker
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Vegas, baby!

As I was deleting looking through the 1,500+ photos on my phone last night wondering why my phone won't back up anymore, I realized I never posted about our Vegas trip! Since it's been nearly three months, I figure it's time to recap!

We left on a Friday morning. Since the flight left around 8 a.m. and we both worked the previous day, we decided to just get up really early and hit the road a little after 4 a.m. (we are about 2 hours from the Memphis airport.)

Now, I just have to say that this was only my second time to fly out of Memphis, and I will take it over St. Louis (we are smack dab in the middle of the two citites) any day. It was smaller and so easy to navigate. Following a very uneventful trip, we got checked in and the waiting began.

Here is where I should add that, about five minutes prior to boarding, I realized that I had left my sunglasses in the vehicle, so we made a MAD DASH to the Sunglass Hut we spied on the way to our gate, where I bought the least expensive pair of sunglasses I could find that didn't make me look like a bug :)

We had a wonderful flight and made it in a half hour sooner than expected :)

Some of our friends advised us to book a shuttle to the hotel, and we were so glad, because we were out in a jiffy! After waking up around 2:30 our time, we arrived in Vegas at 10:30 local time (two hours later). To say we were beat is a bit of an understatement.

Once we checked in (We stayed at the Mirage) we realized we were starving and went to a burger joint downstairs. Bad decision for the wallet - two burgers and fries, a couple beers and couple shots cost us 80 bucks! But we were so hungry we didn't care too much.

After resting/relaxing in the room a couple hours, we decided to explore. All the people who told us how the distance to places can be deciving on the strip were right. We probably only made it about a half mile down the road and stopped in at the Flamingo to do some gambling and take advantage of the complimentary drinks :)

View from our room!

For dinner, we decided to go next door to Margaritaville. I'd heard great things about this place, but wasn't impressed. Jimmy did like the "mermaid" however, and our margaritas were very yummy.

On Saturday, we needed to walk down the strip to get our show tickets for that night from the Excalibur. It was about a 2 mile distance, so we made several stops, browsing along the way :)

We just had a quick lunch int he food court upstairs then came back down the strip.

Our show that night was the "Tournament of Kings," a jousting dinner show. We loved it! We were running late, as per usual (hubby was looking for some new shoes so we spent HOURS looking for some at the malls) and took a taxi, but decided to walk back. We walked though some of the other hotels (New York, New York) hit up a cute little outdoor bar on the way back.

We did more shopping on Sunday (still no shoes, we ended up ordering them for hubby's LARGE foot) and then got ready for dinner/Peepshow. Peepshow wasn't what I thought it would be, but still entertaining. I wore some 4 inch heels to the show and it was about a mile walk, so we stopped about midway through for some drinks/gambling (I was addicted to the "Wheel of Fortune" game and then went back to the hotel to change shoes, but ended up not leaving :)

On Monday, we had a car rental reservation to go to Hoover Dam! However, we had done so little relaxing and hadn't gone out to the pool yet (which we were paying a lovely $25 a day to use as a "resort fee," along with the internet) so we headed down for a bit. What was supposed to be an hour turned into 2, so after we got cleaned up and some lunch, we headed out.

Hoover was amazing! I'm so glad so many people suggested we go.

On our way back, we decided to get a little "adventurous" and go to the old strip on Freemont. I really wanted my picture with Vegas Vic :) After leaving, we headed out to the famous sign for a few pictures.

At this point, we still hadn't eaten at Serendipity, whieh was one of the few places I wanted to visit, so we got cleaned up and headed over there. Hubby protested, but the burger was amongst the best he said he's ever had!

Sharing a Frozen Hot Chocolate - YUM!
After that, we finally caught a full fountain show at the Bellagio, and the show at Treasure Island (it was the last one of the day!) By then, it was around midnight, so we headed back to our room to pack

Our final morning, hubby did some gambling (he'd had a $100 bill in his pocket the ENTIRE time.) He got up about $40 pretty quickly and I urged him to call it quits ... but he pressed his luck and ended up losing it ALL in about 10 minutes. OUCH. We then rushed to gather our things, check out, catch our shuttle and head to the airport.

I think we landed around 6:30 ... got on the road just after 7. Mom and Dad, who graciously kept Cooper while we were gone, offered to keep him another night, but we missed him so, that we rushed to their house (about another 30 miles from our home), went home, and crashed.

It was a wonderful, wonderful trip! Although we didn't get to do everything we wanted to do, I don't think I could have stayed another day ... so we are already anxious to return!

What are your must-visit places in Vegas? Any suggestions for what we should put on our list for the next visit?

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Cooper:: 18 months!

My baby boy is closer to 2 than he is to 1, and that makes me sad. But oh, so happy, As per usual, every month keeps getting better with this little man.

It's pretty much impossible to get him still for any extended period of time, so I just gave up on getting "good" photos for this post.

I'm not even sure where to begin this month ... except to say that you've gotten very territorial. Your favorite word is "Mine!" and you don't hesitate to yell it when you want something ... whether it be a toy, food, even the garden hose. And you want pretty much everything you see, especially if your daddy and I are using it and you think it's neat.

Healthy check-up at the doctor this month. You were a bit moody and squirmy, since we had to wake you from your nap, but it looks like you are about 25.5 lbs. and around 32 inches tall. You got one shot. No more appointments planned until your 2 year check - EEK!

Your eye teeth have finally all popped through and you are working on the two year molars. Dr. C said it looked like one had popped through last week! I can't tell because you chomp my fingers any time I try to feel around. We took away the paci a few weeks ago and you are doing just fine without it. We noticed you were chomping, not sucking.

You are a sweet, loving boy. One of your daycare friends' mamas told me that when she drops him off, you practically push her out of the way to give him a hug in the mornings. One day when I picked you up last week, you were in the backyard pulling the big kids around in the wagon.

We are raising you just like a redneck, letting you run around outside (in the grass stickers and gravel, no doubt) barefoot! You are obsessed with the ball (actually any ball, any size) and your riding toys.

You are getting quite the sweet tooth. You know where the chocolate is and are always trying to sneak it - Mommy had to move the candy bowl to a higher location because you kept bringing us pieces of candy and it was too cute not to give you some!

New loves this month include strawberries, cherries, and yummy double chocolate magnum ice cream bars.

You are very good at imitating and repeating. We have you watch your Daddy use the bathroom sometimes, and you seem to really want to start doing that, but I'm not sure if you are really ready yet. But you try to be just like us and it's sweet! We definitely have to watch our mouths too.

You can be a bit shy, and it takes you a bit to warm up to certain situations at times.

One thing you are currently obsessed with is picking up trash. Any time you see trash, you pick it up and run into the kitchen. We were at a family gathering Saturday night and you just got up and started gathering empty plates, etc. and throwing them away. Presh! You may be a bit OCD, as you also feel a need to close any door that is open.

You've officially dropped your morning nap, and are beginning to stay up a bit later at night.

My sweet, sweet baby boy, we love you so much more than words could ever describe. You make life so much better. I love you to the moon & back!

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