Thursday randoms

  • I love having this weekly hodge-podge of thoughts :)
  • This week, I haven't had anything work-related in the evenings, but man, I am exhausted! I didn't sleep very well on Sunday or Monday nights, so I'm sure that had something to do with it.
  • Of course, this morning we overslept. Alarm was set, just didn't go off. No idea what happened. Thankfully I was still to work on time.
  • What happened to my baby? Tear. Napping in daddy's "spot" on the couch. And don't worry, hubby was sitting on the couch right beside him.
  • I'm not entirely sure what it is, but I feel some sort of hormonal shift going on. {TMI} Although I've been cycling since January due to going back on BC early on, I can tell that, over the past couple of months, things have just been different. No substantial hair loss {yet ... thank goodness} but just weird things, like headaches and lots of mood swings. When I opened my email to see one from The Bump with the subject "Why you hate your hubby right now" I instantly felt better though. No, I don't really hate him, but I'm getting easily overwhelmed and frustrated, similar to my feelings when I first came back to work. 
  • One of my friends wants me to join her and some others for dinner and to see Magic Mike tomorrow night. I can't make up my mind. 
  • Little man's second tooth isn't too far from popping up, I think. We give him the frozen teething rings while we are eating, and he LOVES them. Nom nom nom. 

  • I purchased hubby's anniversary gift last night! I didn't intend to do anything big, but when this Living Social deal popped up in my email, I knew I had to get it. The first anniversary is supposed to be paper, so he'll get the paper certificate :)
  • Hubby and I are going to begin the 30 day/300 ab challenge on Sunday. I'm ready to see some results ... what I've seen on other's blogs is amazing! He also wants the two of us to start running/walking at night.
  • I don't see that happening anytime soon, with this forecast for the next week:
  • This week has been absolutely insane. Thankfully, with next week as a holiday week, I'm planning to devote my time to some more internal tasks and get my office in better shape so I can work a lot more efficiently.
  • This is the purse of a mom.
  • I'm hating on the bank/flood insurance right now. A couple weeks ago, we received a letter from the bank regarding our flood insurance. Apparently, while auditing our loans, they saw that we had added a shed to our property and while we added it to our homeowners policy, we did not to our flood. Let me say right now, we absolutely hate flood insurance and think it's an absolute crock of crap. There is no competition and it's run by the federal government, which also controls flood maps. There is no federal mandate to purchase flood insurance if your home is in a flood zone, but the bank can require it to cover their interests. Therefore, we only carry on our mortgage balance. Since we don't owe on our shed and it's portable, we didn't think of adding the flood insurance ... but of course, "they" say we need it, and if we don't add it, we'll be out of compliance for our home loan. 
    • The kicker is that they're wanting to charge us over $100 a year for a $3,000 shed! And we have to pay a surveyor for the flood elevation certificate!
    • Our house actually isn't in the flood zone, but a portion of our property is. We have a walkout basement and, unfortunately, it's a few inches below base flood elevation. 
    • We were planning to level out some ground and move the shed this fall anyhow. So now, we're accelerating that plan and will actually build up the ground in the next few weeks so it's ABOVE base flood elevation, then we'll hopefully get out of it all together. Fingers crossed. 
  •  I'm driving hubby's truck today. I used to love it. Now I hate it.
  • We got muffins for a coworkers birthday today. I am on a sugar hiiiiiiigh ...
  • Happy weekend :)


weekend wrap-up

Two posts in one day! And it was a fabulous weekend! Too bad the only photos I have to prove that are on hubby's phone, however!

On Friday, I decided to go ahead and take C to the sitter since we pay for it regardless, so I could concentrate on some house projects. He really loves being around other kids, so it works well. I was able to make up some plums and bananas for Cooper, finish up some laundry, shower, grocery shop and more without having to rush or be distracted. That night, hubs grilled so we spent some time outside and absolutely enjoyed it.

Saturday morning, hubby mowed one of our pastures while I worked more on laundry and the inside of the house. We had Mister's 7-month-pictures planned for 1:30, so that obviously cut our morning a little short. After pictures, we did a little bit of shopping and then stopped at my aunt & uncle's house on the way home for some pool time. They have a nice, in-ground pool and Cooper really enjoyed floating around in it. We'll definitely be returning :)

That night, hubs worked on our tractor, so I had C hang out with him outside while I really concentrated on some house cleaning. Little man just loves activity and was so content being in his exersaucer watching daddy work, so I took advantage! I got the master bedroom, bathroom, main bathroom and Cooper's room all clean!

Aldi had some amazing fruit sales last week, so I bought quite a few peaches, nectarines and avocado, so I whipped those up into baby food on Sunday. I also finished laundry and got all the cleaning done in the kitchen, dining room and living room. Whew! I figured at that point I really should go ahead and clean the spare bedroom, so the entire upstairs was done ... but then I got sidetracked by the closet and ended up organizing it and the hallway one.

It was such a great, productive weekend! I really am liking having Fridays off!

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Cooper :: Seven months


You are seven months old! Time keeps flying on by.

I say this every month, I know, but this has been the most fun month! You are such a fun, loving little boy. You have the sweetest little smile and giggle, it just kills me. For the most part, you are a very social baby and we can take you anywhere with us. Since mommy has been working late, you've been "helping" daddy outside, and you are perfectly content to play in your little exersaucer for an hour or so, as long as you are close to us.

You're definitely a pro at sitting up these days and don't really wobble anymore. You now love to be on your tummy and I think you are trying to figure out how to crawl, but can't build up the strength to pull up your belly just yet. But you are definitely a baby on the "move" and it's difficult to get you to sit still long enough for a picture.

In headline news, you have a tooth! That's right, it popped up on Friday (6.22) just one day before you turned 7 months. Had to sneak it in there while you were still a six-month-old, I suppose. Daddy & I can tell them dern toofers are still bothering you, though, and we hope that second one breaks through really soon.

You love to "talk!" You've really found that voice and want to make sure everyone else knows that you are around! When we took Daddy to Buffalo Wild Wings for Father's Day, you were vocal the entire time - thank goodness we went at an "off" time when there weren't a lot of customers there.

After months of staring us down while we eat, we finally let you dig into some food this month. Boy, you love your food, sweet boy! We started out with one cube, once a day. A week later, we were at one cube for lunch and two for dinner, and now it's two cubes, twice a day.

You've had green beans, carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, zucchini/squash, bananas and avocado. You really like peas, sweet potatoes and avocado, but will eat anything.

sweet potato face
Here is your typical day, now that Mommy is on summer hours: wake up at 6:15 a.m. and nurse; nap around 9-10:30 a.m.; bottle (8 ounces, pumped) at 11 a.m.; solids at 12:30 p.m.; nap around 1-2:30 p.m.; bottle (6 ounces, pumped) around 4-4:30 p.m.; solids around 6 p.m.; catnap around 7 p.m.; nurse at 8-8:30 p.m. then bed. It's a great schedule!

You love your sleep, and luckily teething didn't change that. Since you've figured out how to flip from your back to your tummy, also new this month, you sleep on your tummy quite a bit. It's sweet.

Over the past few weeks, you've really discovered that darn thumb. Not so sweet. OK, it does look awfully precious, but we really don't want to see you get in the habit of that. Of course, you sometimes seem to think it's a game with us constantly pulling your thumb out of your mouth, so I'mnot sure how to combat that.

Little Mister, you really love to play, especially things that make lots of noise! Mommy pulled out your activity table a few weeks ago and you think it's lots of fun. It keeps you entertained in the mornings when Mommy & Daddy are getting ready.

Let's see, what else? OH! Now that you are sitting up well on your own, we let you sit in the actual shopping cart. Of course, you also get to ride in the "buddy seat" in Paw Paw's tractor, and had your first tractor and combine rides this month.

Mom, I just woke up from a nap. Stop taking my picture!
You are starting to actually take an interest when we read you books. Of course, you still love TV and will turn your head to watch. You often reach for the remote and Mommy & Daddy's phones. At Grandma's house, you like to stick your fingers in the holes of her Crocs, and you have a blast playing with plastic lids.

I swear, every month my heart grows bigger & bigger with all the love I have for you. You are most definitely my pride and joy, and pretty much all that life is about these days. I love you to the moon and back, my little love bug! I hope you are always just as sweet and happy as you are right now.



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Wednesday randoms

  • Whew. The past two weeks, I've come to work on Wednesday and the week is halfway over. Today, it wasn't until noon that I hit humpday. Boy, am I glad it's on the downside now. I worked 13 hours yesterday and have been on the phone most of today, so I'm beat.
  • Hubby bought me some tanning minutes a couple months ago and I was doing a great job of keeping some color, but this crazy work schedule has taken it out of me.
  • A couple months ago I got a wild hair {pun not intended} and had about four inches of my hair chopped off. I needed it, but I miss it.
  • My hair is in desperate need of a highlight, but it hasn't really held color since I got pregnant, so I figure why waste the money.
  • This weekend I would like a book and a pool.
  • I'm actually taking "off" on Friday and am so excited to have nothing to do ... or maybe clean house at a more leisurely pace.
  • I've been working on this blog post for THREE HOURS and this is as far as I've gotten.
  • No less than 12 post-it notes are scattered around my desk. Seriously, Michelle?
  • My car is in desperate need of being vacuumed.
  • The first couple hours of the day drug by, the middle flew, and now I feel the next 1.5 hours are going to drag as well.
  • My supply has dipped again. Ugh. I think it's a combination of it tanking last week because I was at main campus and not pumping as much, as well as cycling ... Bring on the Fenugreek and power pumping!
  • I'm getting the itch to go through my closet again. I last did it in the early  spring when I wasn't quite back to my pre-preggo size, but now that I am, I'm finding lots of shirts that are too short or just don't fit right.
  • We're going to try avocado tonight :) Personally, I think the stuff is gross.
  • So far, Cooper's favorite foods have been sweet potatoes and sweet peas. Kid LOVES his peas. Surprisingly, he hasn't been too thrilled with bananas.
  • I feel like I'm rambling, so I'm just going to stop right there ...

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Daddy-O Jim

I meant to have this up and ready to go for Sunday. But, as usual, life has crazy twists and turns and I'm just now getting to it. It's the thought that counts, right?

Father's Day 2012 - 6.17.12

Dear Husband:

I never questioned that you would be an amazing dad. You love your critters so much, nurturing is your nature. For the past few years, it's been tough for you to go to children's birthday parties, because you've had that lost, left-out feeling that you didn't have a kid of your own yet. Now that you are a dad, you totally shine in the role.

It's pretty safe to say that Cooper is your pride and joy. You beam when you see him - especially first thing in the morning and when you get home after a long day at work. You've always been so great at taking him and playing to give me a little "down time" or the opportunity to do those silly household tasks, like washing the dishes.

brand new baby and proud papa :: 11.23.11
Through it all, you've been an amazing partner to me, and I really believe it's made our love stronger for one another. During my pregnancy, you refused to miss a single doctors appointment. Now that Coop is here, you bust your behind at work so you don't miss any of his well checks, either. You've encouraged me to breastfeed, and you get so excited about "Daddy Coopy time" when I have to work late. Having you home to pick him up and spend time with him that extra hour I work now during the week has been such a blessing.

I'm so glad that you got your little boy first. Now, you are so excited and ready for a baby girl - you talk about her so much, it almost makes me sick because I'm totally not ready for another babe quite yet. I love you, and thank you for being such an awesome daddy.


PS - Cooper is so obsessed with you, he hates your working late on Monday. By the time about 6:30 p.m. rolls around and you're about an hour past "normal" he gets fussy and refuses to nap or even be happy unless he is being held, preferably outside. Once he sees your big work truck, he starts bouncing and is immediately happy again. It's sweet and sad, but definitely precious!

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Happy daddy day!

Wishing my hubby the absolute greatest first fathers day! Coop and I are so lucky to have you!


Cheese, please

After working a 12-hour day on Tuesday, I clearly wanted to go straight home after my hour drive.

But instead, I got the joy of stopping at the grocery store. Not for dinner staples, but for one particular item - cheese. Kraft American singles, to be exact.

My husband has this obsession with Kraft American cheese. It is all he will eat. Personally, I find the stuff nasty and definitely prefer Swiss - the Aldi brand, in fact. But he lives & dies for his Kraft, and since I somehow allowed us to run out, I had to stop so he wouldn't be heartbroken not to have his favorite cheese on his sandwich today.

Then I got to thinking about my preferences. I'm definitely a bargain hunter and oftentimes will just buy whatever is on sale or the generic, less expensive item. But there are a few brands I am very loyal to, such as ...
  • Miracle Whip. Mayo is gross.
  • Coke products
  • Bunny Bread buns
  • Pizza Hut
  • Nesquik
  • Lays chips
  • Chef Boyardee
  • Hunt's spaghetti sauce
Are there any brands that you absolutely cannot stand to deviate from?

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Wednesday randoms

  • Is it only Wednesday? With our summer hours, our monthly planning meetings that were Wednesday, Thursday & Friday are now Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, so I'm seriously confused. Add that to the fact that I've worked 11 hours both days this week {two of which were driving} and I'm just plain exhausted already!
  • Baby sitter's husband is having surgery today, so Super Coop is with my parents for the day. My dad, bless his heart, even drove down to pick up little man at 6:45 to save me some hassle.
  • Tomorrow, he's staying at home with our friend Lynn. I'll have him Friday, of course, and also on Monday ... totally looking forward to a day off!
  • Hubby and BIL were baling hay on Sunday and I got roped into helping since it looked like it may rain. Picking up 50 lbs. of hay is a workout for this girl ... I am still sore!
  • My brother and SIL are coming in for a visit next weekend, so I've gotten roped into helping my my clean her house to help prepare on Friday. I know I owe her, but man, this mama is just worn out. I will be sleeping in, that's for sure.
  • I had my office in pretty good shape when I left on Friday and haven't been here the past two days, but it somehow looks like something exploded. Lovely, Michelle
  • Did I ever mention that about a month ago, I met Meadowlark Lemmon? I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I had no idea who he was .. he came to our main campus for a visit on a day that I happened to be there :)
  • When we found out he was coming, a staff member went out to buy a bunch of basketballs for him to autograph. Coop really liked his :)

5.10.12 ... super delayed posting this

  • Speaking of balls, we were at a friend's house last week and they pulled out a large ball and Cooper really loved it! We may need to buy him one to roll around with us soon.
  • Moms - since we've began giving C food, he hasn't been finishing all of his second bottle. Typically I nurse in the morning, he takes all 8 oz. around 11 a.m., has food at 1:30 p.m. (I'd prefer it be earlier but that doesn't really work for the sitter...) then she gives him his last bottle around 4 but he's only been taking about 6 oz. Should I scale him back to just one cube of food for lunch? I'd prefer he get the calories and nutrition of milk than veggies at this point.
  • How is Father's Day this weekend already? I have no clue what to buy for hubby. I mean, he's mentioned some tools, but I just don't know if that's appropriate to give ... but then again, I don't want to get some cutesy thing he doesn't really like but thinks he needs to keep just to be appreciative.
  • If you are adding anyone to your prayer list, please keep my friend Jessica's dad, Mickael, in them, as well as Mr. Jim, our sitter's husband. Jim is having back surgery, while Mike has had cancer for almost four years and they just found a tumor on his brain. They've done surgery and everything looks OK, but man, that's just scary.
  • C has decided he wants to be a farmer :) I spent last Friday at my parent's house and let him go ride the tractor with cousin Trent again for a bit. Actually, he rode in the "buddy seat" with my dad first when dad moved the tractor, then took an hour ride later. Trent said he was an angel and they sang and had all sorts of fun. That's my boy! If C really wants to farm, though, he will have to learn to stay awake while in the machinery :)

excited and being a very big boy :)


Sunday Social :)

Sunday Social

So, while sitting in my office on Saturday morning to coordinate a donation, I decided to do a little blogging and figured I would link up for the Sunday Social with Ashley and Neely! Love the idea of having prompts a week early to schedule a blog :)

So, without further ado ...

{How did you come up with your blog name}
I absolutely love to take pictures and use this blog as a way to store them and document my life. Hence the name "Snapshots."

{What is your favorite thing about blogging}
Well, obviously the ability to look at what I was doing at previous times in my life. Probably my favorite postss are my weekly bumpdates and all of the "through the months" updates on Cooper. Of course I'm doing a baby book as well, but having it in blog format makes it seem a bit more permanent ... and it's easier to do this way during work breaks, etc. 
I can't leave out all the friendships I've made. Y'all are some of the first people I look to for advice, and of course, I'm thrilled when you come to ask me questions as well :)

{What is one think you have discovered because of blogging and now can't live without}
Tough one. Probably Pinterest. Oh, and I leaved about Moms on Call through blogging and it was a huge help in getting C to sleep through the night. 

{Facebook or Twitter and why}
Facebook. I just don't get Twitter. And I'm too long-winded for the character requirements.

{If one celeb read my blog I'd want it to be ...}
Donald Trump. I wanna work for the man.

{Something I want people to know about my blog is ...}
It's real. I definitely don't put on airs or only show the good. I may say something to offend you, but it's not personal, just my true thoughts. 

Happy Sunday, friends!

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down on the farm

As I mentioned in my weekend wrap-up, we took Baby Coop to see his PaPa's farm and check out the wheat harvest over the weekend. These are a few of my favorite photos ... and a glimpse at a Father's Day present for my dad :)

My dad farms mostly on his own, but my cousin and uncle often help. Unfortunately, my dad is the only one with a license to drive a truck with air brakes, so he didn't get to take Coop on his first ride :( My cousin did a great job, though, and luckily Dad stopped in to get a new load to take to the elevator just before we left.

Cooper and Mommy

Driving the tractor

Amazed at how a combine works

My cousin, Trent, let him "drive"

PaPa was busy hauling the grain, but got a minute to stop and snuggle

This time C is looking at the camera <3

Twinkies in their blue shirts :)

You've already seen this I know, but I couldn't resist.
These pictures just make me so happy. My dad and I sorta lost touch while I was in college, and we were both too stubborn to give in on our beliefs. I was so scared, while pregnant, that my son would miss out on a great relationship, but thankfully, having Cooper is the best thing that could ever have happened for both my dad & I. My dad is a total baby lover, and seeing them together really makes my heart happy.

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What I'm Loving

It's been a bit since I've linked up with Jamie, but I can think of lots of things I'm loving on this beautiful June day!

{1} I'm LOVING that the work week is more than halfway over! It was nice coming to the office this morning knowing I was on the downhill slop.

{2} I'm LOVING that this is the first of many consecutive three-day weekends!

{3} I'm LOVING this little sweat pea. He's looking so much like a *boy* and less like a baby these days. Tear.

 {4} I'm LOVING that we've been invited to a pool party thrown by some of Coop's little daycare friends this weekend. My boy is a little fish so I'm sure he will have a blast.

{5} I'm LOVING that I am having a lunch date with my cousin Ashton today!

{6} I'm LOVING some of these recent pins:

{7} I'm LOVING how well C is transitioning to food. He's having two cubes, two times a day now. My little eater! Definitely gotten more roly poly in the last couple of weeks. He'll be eating us out of house & home in no time!

{8} I'm LOVING the change in our work environment! We have a new employee, whom I worked with a lot in my previous job, and it's great having an office "neighbor" :)

{9} As always, I'm loving my sweet husband, who has been a great help with my extended hours!

What are you loving today?

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Source: via Michelle on Pinterest


weekend wrap-up

Back from another fabulous weekend. Gah, I LOVE summertime.

And super proud of myself for getting to work at 7:12 on the first day of summer hours. I'm lucky in that I don't have to "cover" my office so basically as long as I still get in my 10 hours, it's no big deal. And since I rarely take a full hour for lunch, it works out pretty good for me to work like 7:15-5:45 with a half hour lunch today :)

So ...

Friday night I had to come back to town in the early evening to meet with another college employee and a gentleman who wants to donate some computers to the school, if they will work. My boys decided to join us :) I had some talkers on my hands, too, so it took awhile.

After that, we headed to Wally World to pick up a few items.

That night, we lounged on the couch and watched TV. I didn't even do the dishes!

Saturday morning, hubby went out to bush hog one of our pastures. He did the other two last weekend :) Meanwhile, I stayed inside and worked on cleaning the kitchen {those dishes caught up with me!} and doing laundry.

That afternoon, we went to a joint graduation party for my cousins, Tyler & Blake. Well, my dad farms, so on the way, we stopped in the wheat field so Super Cooper could go on a ride in the combine.

Unfortunately, PaPa Sam was driving the crop to the elevator and unable to take Coop for his first ride. However, my cousin, Trent, was driving and took us for a spin. Coop loved it! Great pictures to come :)

Coop was a complete angel at the graduation party. He's been experiencing a bit of separation anxiety lately, so I was pleased that he did so well being passed around. My cousin and his wife are expecting, and she did a great job with him, even walking him around until he fell asleep for a nap! Everyone commented on how I starve him, too.

We had such a great time, and hubby and my older cousins ended up playing beer pong and flip cup with some of the graduates. Oh my. I was the responsible one who only drank 2 margaritas over a course of about six hours.

After sleeping in, we had a pretty lazy Sunday morning, watching TV and just lounging around. After lunch, we decided to head outside to do some work in our landscaping. A couple of the bushes died in the heat last year, so we had pulled them and we moved a couple others to replace them. Over the next two weeks, I'll be doing a lot of watering and keeping my fingers crossed they take root!

We had the cutest little supervisor :) And sadly, the only photo from the weekend accessible to me right now. The rest are on the big camera.

After dinner and dishes, we had time to watch the season finale of NCIS {finally! hated the last five minutes though :( } before I headed off to bed. Our summer schedule of working 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. began today, so I figured I needed all the rest I could get.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

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Friday randoms

Thank goodness the weekend is almost here! I went to a Chamber of Commerce coffee this morning, so that definitely is helping the day pass by. I feel like Fridays are always such long days.

I mentioned in Coop's six month post that he had begun flipping over onto his tummy some. Well, apparently he's decided that's how he prefers to sleep! Before going to bed last night, I checked on him and he was on his tummy, so we flipped him back over. This morning, he was on the tummy again. I'm trying not to worry too much about this ... he has good head control and such, so I figure his chances of suffocating himself are small ... right?

this morning ....
 Yes, that is a pacifier, AKA foo-foo, in the crib. We really don't like using it. But our son has turned into a thumb-sucker over the past week or so, and we figure while a foo foo can disappear, thumbs can't. And since a 3-year-old we know still sucks her thumb, and recently had an infection, we discourage it as much as possible!

Last night, hubby sent the following photo to me with the message "What happened to this little guy?" I have no idea ...

Four days old {I think}. I've always loved this photo!

We've been having lots of pork loin this week, frozen leftovers from my family reunion back in December. Well, my aunt and uncle are having a graduation party for my cousins tomorrow and guess what's on the menu ... that's right, pork loin! Luckily it's really good and we've been eating it a variety of ways.

As luck would have it, the weekend we are going somewhere with a large, in-ground pool, it is going to be cool. It's been in the 90s for weeks, but of course, the projected high tomorrow is around 80. Srsly?

Despite that, I have been pretty lucky lately! Our electric company is a cooperative, and last night was the annual meeting, where they also have drawings for several prizes. I won a George Foreman grill. We already have two, but this is a middle size so we think it will work well. And at the coffee I attended this morning, I won a travel coffee mug.

Little man is loving his food and I'm sure will be eating us out of house & home before long! He was kinda just like whatever with green beans, not at all excited about carrots at first but then caught on, and had his first peas last night and loved them! I mean like shoving the spoon in his mouth and giggling the entire time! He eats one cube around lunch at daycare, and one when we get home at night, and is still having his two 8 ounce bottles at daycare and nursing morning & night. We'll probably move on to sweet potatoes next, then some oatmeal ... I'm trying to get a good variety in so that once he starts eating fruits I can mix in the veggies for lunch and oatmeal for breakfast.

Speaking of all that eating, hubby commented last night that C looked rounded and was feeling heavier. According to our scale, he's gained about a pound in the last week! Mind you this weighing was right after eating and last week at the doctor he was approaching feeding time, but still ...

This is my last Friday having to work until August! Super excited for all the three-day weekends in my future!

I am researching things to do for our anniversary coming up in July. I'm still waffling on whether C should go with us and we do a family outing, or if we should leave him for the day. We're considering St. Louis, which is only about 2 hours away, so we may leave him ... if anything happens, we won't be that far away. Suggestions on fun things to do? No baseball games in town that weekend :(

Happy weekend!

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