5K results :)

So, on Saturday, hubby and I ran our first 5K!

Honestly, I was super nervous Friday night/Saturday morning. I was scared of falling, of all things! Plus it was a morning run, and I was used to running in the evenings.

We did great! I told myself to just keep a good pace and not freak out if someone passed me. I ended up 14th overall, with a time of 30:31. Totally thrilled, as there were several turns

Hubby totally smoked it! He was second overall and had a time of 25:11. Gah.

So overall, we are very pleased. Now I am ready for another!


Cooper:: 10 months!

We're in the double digits, Mister! You literally grow before my eyes every month, and I love it! Yes, I remember the sweet, helpless little newborn, but totally love this sweet, active baby stage!

We celebrated 10 months by giving you some biscuits with sausage gravy for breakfast - you loved it, and proceeded to also eat all of your fruit & yogurt. Therefore, Cooper, my new nickname for you is Scrappy - you will eat anything! You still like to crawl around on the floor at home & daycare, scavenging for any leftovers, or really anything to put in your mouth.

This month, we've started giving you a lot more table food. Daddy says I am creating a bad habit by giving you food off my plate, but sometimes, it's just easier. You've tried BBQ, steak, buttery potatoes and pizza, to name a few.
You still nurse and have pumped milk, but you are only taking about 4 ounces in your bottles, leading me to believe you will have absolutely no problem weaning. You nurse in the morning, take fruit & yogurt around 8:30 a.m., 4 ounces around 11 a.m., lunch (veggies) and 4 ounces around 1 p.m., 4 ounces and a snack (usually puffs) around 4 p.m., dinner (chicken, turkey or spaghetti) at 6 p.m., and nurse about 8 p.m., before bed.

The teething devil continues to wreak havoc on your life {and ours!} You now have six teeth - the four on top and two middle on bottom. And I am pretty sure the next two on top are working on pushing their way through. All those teeth do help you eat, however, so I'm sure you don't mind too much :)

This past month, we took you to the zoo and your first Neighbor Days. You spent an entire weekend with Grandma and PaPa while Mommy & Daddy went on a work rewards trip to Branson, and rumor has it that you were an angel. We are all pretty sure that we will keep you around :)

You crawl pretty fast and can be wherever you want to be. Cooper, you are working on standing up without support, and are getting to where you can do it for about 10-15 seconds. Changing your diaper is even more of an Olympic event these days. You are brave enough to stand on your changing pad on top of the dresser and your glider, but still can't work up the courage to take a step if you aren't holding on to something. Silly boy.

You are such a cuddle bug, and often bury your face into mine or your daddy's neck. You are also getting a little attached to us - we have to ease into transitions a lot more when we leave you. Last week, you did not want me to leave you at daycare one morning and I was running late. It absolutely broke my heart to leave you crying, and I may have shed a few tears on my drive into the office.

You can say mama, dada, da (dog), uh (uh oh). You wave bye bye. We are working on blowing kisses. I am pretty sure the remote is your absolute most favorite toy. You love to get kisses from Coco (the dog) and to pet Jaxon (the horse.) You really love tractors (real and toys) and anytime you are playing with a toy with wheels, it is upside down so you can move those wheels.

Coop, you are all boy and have begun sporting bruises from your shenannigans. I have no idea where they come from, but you are all up in everything, so it's not a huge surprise. Last week, Mrs. Robin found you and the other babies who are all a few months older than you on the kitchen floor playing with all the paper plates. I'm sure it was part your idea :)

You are just the sweetest, most precious baby ever. Thank you for being you - my sweet little bundle of love.

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Five on Friday

  1. Our big 5K is tomorrow. My goal is to run the whole thing and do it in under 30 minutes. I've run 3.1 miles a couple times and run the whole time, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and the competition gives me adrenaline.
  2. Works has absolutely been kicking my butt all week. Normally I have time to prepare a bit more for things, but it's been a fly by the seat of my pants-type of week.
  3. Hubs has been on vacay this week and I'm so jealous! I'd intended to take the full week off, but when we ended up having a few other things to take off for the past few weeks, I didn't want to dip that far into my time off. I only wish he would use some of his time off to clean house rather than sit around and watch TV :)
  4. Therefore, once we get home from the run tomorrow morning, the weekend will be devoted to cleaning house! And next time I am off work, I am sitting around doing nothing all day, surrounded by the mess. While it drives me up the wall...
  5. I'm having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that fall begins this weekend. Believe me, I'm glad we aren't in the 100s anymore, but I would have liked more summer days with highs in the 90s - it felt like we hit the 90s in April and didn't dip until this month! I'm very excited to buy some new clothes and accessories to revamp my fall wardrobe, however.
Happy weekend, friends!


A Day In The Life ...


I've been meaning to do one of these posts for awhile, so when I saw this blog party, I decided I must link up!

These posts are probably boring to some, but I love reading them! And it's my blog, I can write whatever I want to :)

6 a.m.: The alarm starts bleeping. I push snooze at least twice :) Once I roll out of bed, I brush my teeth, fix my hair and apply makeup.
If Super Cooper isn't awake by the time I've done all this, I go ahead and pump one side, while checking email and facebook. Then I usually throw hubby's bacon on the George Foreman and make him a sandwich for lunch, as well as pack his lunchbox.
Once I wrap all this up, it's about 6:45, and if Mister isn't awake, it's time to wake him up. We nurse, spend some cuddle time, get him dressed, then I go to pump again.
I throw on my clothes, grab something for my breakfast/lunch, throw C's food in his diaper bag and we get on the road.

7:35 a.m. {If I'm lucky!}: Arrive at C's daycare. Tell the sitter anything important {like on Monday, he sprouted a new tooth!} Kissy kissy smoochy smoochy. Here lately, it's distract the baby so he doesn't cry when I'm not holding him anymore :(

8 a.m. {Hopefully earlier!}: Get to work. Check messages and get right at it. I typically bring oatmeal to work and eat breakfast while sitting at my desk and beginning the day.

10 a.m.: Pump

12:30: Lunch! Even if I bring food, I still try to get out of the office for a bit so I can have a little fresh air and sunshine.

1:30 p.m.: Back, pump

4:30 p.m.: Pump

5 p.m.: Another day is over! Gather up my things and hightail it to pick up my baby. Kissy kissy, smoochy smoochy. Make sure he had a good day then head on home. Once we get home, I haul everything in, which takes a couple trips. If hubby is home, he takes baby duty, if not, Coop goes in the high chair with a sippy cup and some puffs. I prep bottles and food for the next day and do the dishes, while preparing supper. Daddy-O feeds the horses and sometimes we tag along.

6 p.m.: Cooper eats. His favorite supper is chicken and rice with peaches mixed in, and he scarfs it down in no time. He really like spaghetti and turkey or chicken with veggies as well. Honestly, he just likes to eat.

  Meanwhile, I am finishing up supper and we eat. Usually while watching something on CBS or HGTV :) If it's bath night, we start this around 7:15 or 7:30.

8 p.m.: Cooper nurses. If he's super sleepy, we do "Coopy Taco" {big hug from both of us with him in the middle} and he goes straight to bed. If he's still semi-alert, he hangs out in Daddy's nook or plays his little heart out until it's bed time.
After this, I finish up anything in the kitchen, take a bath/shower, and spend a little time with hubby.

10 p.m.: Bedtime! Sweet dreams :)


Life lately

Oh, hi.....

I always have these great intentions of getting back on the blog train, but let's fact it - life is crazy. Which I totally love, don't get me wrong, blogging is just taking a back seat. So I've decided not to hold myself to posting every day, every other day, or even once a week.
  • Baby Ender was born last Tuesday! She is beautiful!!!

  • I didn't get to go see her until Friday because hubs and I both got sick early Wednesday morning. Blech. But when we met on Friday night, it was pure love.
Be still my ovaries!

  • My desk was sporting some interesting additions last week. Love this photo of my boys :)

  • No matter how old you are, you still want your mom when you are sick. Especially when it's 4 a.m. and you are cleaning up your mess.
  • Mister Cooper had his nine month well check on Tuesday. He is 20 pounds and 28 inches. 48th and 50th percentiles. Absolutely perfect, according to the doctor.
  • On Mondays, hubby often leaves the house before C makes it out of bed. So I try to take a picture to send with a good morning message :)
When I washed this sleeper, I thought it was way to tall for my boy. But to my dismay, it fits perfectly.

  • Poor baby has been going through some separation anxiety. We are told this is perfectly normal, but it's troubling. Our sweet boy wants to be held all the time {teething may play a role in this ...} and is having a tough time going to sleep. We used to be able to sing, give him hugs and kisses and lie him down, but now it takes a bit of back rubbing and consoling, then ultimately letting him cry a few minutes. Breaks my heart.
  • Little Mister is also sporting a new tooth! He now has the bottom middle ones, and the top middle and eye to the right of his mouth. The other two on top will be coming through any day.
  • The 5K we are planning to run is in just under two weeks! After taking a week off of running due to the silly stomach bug, we headed out yesterday and I just about made it 2.5 miles. I'm hoping to get in a good three-miler later this week. That being sad, I won't be devastated if I have to walk part of the 5K, but would love to run the whole thing.
  • My hometown has a "Neighbor Days" festival every year over Labor Day weekend, so we took Super Cooper there this weekend. He had fun!

  • He also loves his second cousin, Morgan :) Seriously he did not want to let her go!
  • Gosh I love that gummy grin

  • I've only worked three days each the past two weeks. Totally not looking forward to five this week.
  • This weekend we decided to visit the park. Unfortunately the one we ended up at didn't have the little kids swings, but C seemed to have a lot of fun going down the slide with his dada.