Weekend wrapup

Happy Monday, friends! The weeks sure are flying by - I can't believe this is the last week of September already!

We had a very full weekend. Work actually feels like a break, haha!

MY WEDDING BAND WAS IN!!! Yay :) So, we went to look at it and have it soldered. It was totally worth waiting to have this custom-made beauty.

My engagement band, which J designed, has four stones (emerald-princess-emerald-princess cut) on each side of the solitaire. So, we had the band made to match the first ring in size/mount, and just had two princess stones inserted where the solitaire is on the engagement band. I haven't seen the appraisal yet, but it's scary knowing the value of this bling - and what I could buy with that money! But I totally love this ring and will never want to upgrade, so I'd say it's an investment for a piece I can hand down someday.

Later that night, J drilled some grass seed in the pasture while I cleaned house. Exciting, I know.

We drove into town to have doughnuts for breakfast. Yes, I like giving my baby a sugar high, ha! We also stopped at the farmer's market for some honey. After my ranting about fall allergies on Friday, my blog friend April suggested I try taking a teaspoon of local honey as a natural medicine. We found some from a town about 20 minutes away and decided it was worth a shot. Today, I'm still kinda stopped up, but it's only my third day AND I feel much better than I did on Friday (even though it rained all weekend and that tends to make my allergies even worse) so I think we have a keeper.
We picked up some painting supplies on Saturday (!) then went home so J could finish drilling seed while I napped and did laundry. That night we went to a fundraiser event, and scored a great little gift for Tuff in the auction. I bought baby a quilt, too, and I'll try and remember to share it. The other one is a surprise :)

We woke up to rain and it continued pretty much all day. So after breakfast, we got to work on the baby's room. We decided to go ahead and paint the closet too, so first we had to pull out everything. While J painted, I wiped down the trim in the bedroom. Then I got busy on repainting trim. Our trim is a sort of beige/tan right now and while it would look OK with the color we are painting the walls, we think white would like 10x better. I sure hope so, because it is hard work! All I did was a closet and my back is pretty sore!

Don't worry, I wore a mask to keep Tuffy from inhaling any of the fumes ...

 By about 7 p.m., we were worn out so we threw in the towel. And watch "The Amazing Race" :) In addition to the trim being very detailed work, we're doing a few other things, so I'd say we'll be lucky to be done painting by the end of the week. But I hope to get all the prep work done soon - I can't wait to have furniture in there!


  1. Cant wait to see the room too! The wedding ring and band are beautiful!! Hope you are well my friend!

  2. Your rings are amazingly beautiful. Breathtaking. I'd love to upgrade someday. I like my engagement ring but I'm not crazy about the band. My hubby didn't do any custom designing or anything.. it's just plain. So maybe some day.. I might do something crazy and upgrade it. ha. So glad the honey seems to be working!

  3. Can't wait to see baby's room! I love seeing nurseries :) And gorgeous rings! Love them!

  4. can't wait to see the room and the ring is so pretty!


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