Weekend wrapup!

Another weekend, and we got the most amazing tease for summer {as I believe most of the country did.} Of course now it's Monday Tuesday and I'm bundled up again, with snow in the forecast, but we sure did make the most of the beautiful weather!

On Friday we went to town and hubby upgraded us to iPhone 5s's. We were originally thinking of just swapping to Straight Talk, which we've heard a lot of good about. Backing up ..when we went to AT&T over Christmas, they essentially were trying to push their NEXT plan {a rip off in our opinion} and told us that regardless, they had to swap us from our minutes plan {we have the smallest they offer and STILL lose minutes every month!} and upgrade us to the unlimited, as they were doing away with minutes plans. Considering that would bump our bill $20 every month, we were pissed.

Anyhow, hubby went to Walmart earlier in the week and the rep he talked to there said we could keep our old plan AND the phones were about $50 cheaper there. SOLD!

It was kinda late when we got done, so we just grabbed Mexican for supper. Cooper LOVES the chips and salsa, so it's usually the best option for us. Plus the portions are so large, he can just eat off our plates, which is an even bigger win!

As I mentioned, Saturday was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! We played outside a bit after breakfast, then the boys went back out while I finished up Week One of Ripped in 30. I'm still REALLY liking this workout. That afternoon, J and one of his friends shot guns, and I did housework (and took a nap!) while C napped. Later that afternoon, we got out for a run and it was glorious. I'm pretty positive this is my absolute best time EVER, especially for the distance I ran.

Since we had a late lunch and ran so close to dinner time, we weren't super hungry so just did protein shakes and apples/celery with peanut butter. YUM! Unfortunately my knee was hurting something BAD (I think it just hadn't properly healed from last week) so I had to prop up my leg most of the rest of the night. No running for a week, no squats and no lunges, my marathon friend tells me. :(

I needed to do some grocery shopping on Sunday. Usually I go to the town about 10 minutes from our house, but I felt like it was time for a Sam's run (30 minute drive) and I had a pair of jeans to be hemmed. Did you know that the Buckle hems for free as long as you purchased them there within 30 days? Anyhow I HAD to have these jeans for my birthday and wore boots so no biggie. So hubs and I decided to head to Cape. Thankfully my parents live on the way and graciously agreed to watch Cooper so we could have a kid-free shopping trip! {And a yummy lunch of burgers, sweet potato chips and cran vodka...}

That night since we had a HUGE lunch we did protein shakes and fruits/veggies again. Popped in the yoga DVD we bought that day, then went to bed and watched The Amazing Race {SO GLAD the twinnies are gone.}

All in all, a pretty awesome weekend.

AND this week's menu plan ....

Sunday: Protein shakes, apples, celery w/peanut butter
Monday: Chili, peanut butter sandwiches
Tuesday: Leftover spicy sausage pasta, corn
Wednesday: Chili, corn chips, celery sticks
Thursday: Chili nachos
Friday: Salmon patties, fried potatoes, noodles cooked in tomato juice
Saturday: Leftover chili or homemade pizza

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Weekend wrapup

Good Monday! After a looooong week last week, I'm hoping this will be a good one! My calendar is pretty full, however, so I bet it will be the weekend again before I know it!

So ... when I got off work on Friday, I went to Papa Murphy's to pick up a pizza, as we've done this on Valentine's Day the past few years. Once I got home, I changed into my workout clothes and did a quick workout while hubby sweetly watched Cooper and got the pizza cooking. {Workout before pizza makes no sense to me either :)}

We were both pretty exhuasted, and ended up falling asleep on the couch before 10 p.m.

I got my workout in early in the day on Saturday. I told myself I wanted to run 2.5 and wanted to die around 1.6, so I upped my pace a bit and ended up doing 2.6 miles. I totally earned that sticker on my workout calendar!

Saturday night, we attended an event on behalf of my work - it began at 6 p.m. and we had an hour drive! One of my friends watched Cooper and was so sweet to send me photos through the night. The fundraiser was a Mardi Gras theme, and we had so much fun {and I for one ate way too much delicious, fried food.}

Sunday was, per usual, my house cleaning and laundry day. Hubby kindly vacuumed out my car :) Later in the day, I busted out my new Ripped in 30 DVD that was a birthday gift. So far, I really like it, but I'm told the annoying crazy Jilly returns later in the DVD. For supper, we grilled steak, and had potatoes and salad with it. Yummy!

This is a pretty easy week in terms of the menu, which is good, as I'm feeling a bit uninspired.

Sunday: Steak, potatoes, salad
Monday: Beans, cornbread (leftover)
Tuesday: Chili (this is a local fundraiser I bought tickets for)
Wednesday: Spicy sausage pasta, green beans
Thursday: Chicken sandwiches and fries (I'll be at a work event)
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Fish stick sandwiches, noodles cooked in tomato juice

How was your weekend?

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I turned 29 last Friday. Since my work was closed all week, I considered it an awesome birthday treat :) However, I was super stir crazy, so I started out the day by going to a Chamber of Commerce coffee in one of the towns I usually visit.

After I picked up some lunch, I went home and just chilled. Our accountant had called to say our taxes were ready, so hubby and I decided to go get all that lined out --- especially since my parents were in town, so we dropped Cooper off with them at Walmart! Afterwards, my parents took us to get some Mexican - only after promising not to tell it was my birthday, as this restaurant sings, puts a hat on your head and smears ice cream on your face - no, thanks!

Hubby had not been feeling well and since we are trying to be healthier I told him not to worry about a cake. But he ran into DQ to get me a little ice cream cupcake = perfection.

Once we got home I was quarantined to our bedroom with Mr. Cooper while hubs got my gifts all set up.

He did great! I got a new shirt(s) and a matching necklace to wear out on Saturday night, two workout tops I commented on while shopping the week before, the Ripped in 30 DVD I had requested, and balloons (from Cooper, who says they are his!)

On Saturday, I went up to Cape to visit with a friend who was in town. We did some shopping then lunch at My Daddy's Cheesecake. We just had to share a couple slices. I was feeling majorly guilty at this point, so I hopped on the treadmill for a little walk once I got home.

That night, we went to dinner and bowling with some friends.

I'm so glad my friends think I'm a princess and want everyone else to know.

And that pretty much wrapped it up! Very low key, but I feel very loved and ready to make the most of this LAST year in my 20s!

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So, we ended up having ALL of last week off due to the snow/ice/etc. The main roads were cleared, but side and gravel roads were pretty slick. And with a salt shortage and freezing temperatures, it just wasn't clearing. 

Today, I was actually excited to go to work. There were some flurries this morning but no biggie. Very pretty actually.

Get to work and the network goes down. Of course. Once it's up, I'm getting in the groove of work, updating my calendar, replying to some emails, etc. ---- and then a coworker popped in to tell me the College is closing. Seriously? Because of two snow flakes? 

It turns out, our main campus was getting a lot more snow. There are several hills there and people couldn't get up the hills so we closed. OK ... I did my grocery shopping and got the last of the Valentines treats for daycare. 

During the afternoon I relaxed, cleaned the kitchen and did my workouts. I'm in a new workout challenge on IG, called #stopandgivemethirty. It's not to late to join in!

And here's this week's menu plan!
Sunday: Baked spaghetti, salad
Monday: Baked spaghetti, salad (This is leftover from last week and I don't want it to go bad!)
Tuesday: Brown beans, cornbread
Wednesday: Stew meat w/gravy, mashed potatoes, corn
Thursday: Beans and cornbread
Friday: Salmon, scalloped potatoes, salad
Saturday: Leftovers

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Still snowed in + birthday wish list

Well it's Wednesday and I still haven't been to the office all week. Yesterday they were predicting some bad sleet/ice/freezing rain. We did get a bit, but thankfully not at all like it was forecast. It was still VERY slick this morning and hubby called around 9 to say he was stuck. Thankfully someone pulled him out with a tractor. I'm pretty sure we'll be back tomorrow. If not, I know someone who is going to daycare, come hell or high water. 

Our power went out around 4:30, just after I finished a workout. Slight freak out and flashbacks to the ice storm of 2010. I was stinky and the little dictator was pissed because he couldn't watch his choo choos. PRAISE THE LORD the power was back on within an hour, especially since our house temp dropped 2 degrees in that time. Generator is going to the top of the list of things to buy for the house. 

Yesterday, I bought our plane tickets for our CA trip! I have a friend getting married in Paso Robles in April. I've been keeping an eye on the tickets and Southwest seems to have the best deals, and when the flight out there went to $125 each, I snatched them up! Now we just need a good sale on the return flight. From my research, PR is about 120 miles from LA, so that's where we are flying into, and returning to spend a few days before we come back to MO. 

I've really enjoyed having the time to cook healthy breakfasts and be able to eat them at a leisurely pace the past few days. Today it was scrambled eggs with a bit of cheese wrapped up in a tortilla. YUM! Other favorites have been ants on a log and apple slices with peanut butter on top. 

I have to admit, I've been pretty lazy on my "bonus" days off as I like to call them. But then again, I do have a 2-year-old hyena under foot, and pretty much my only "break" is nap time, when I squeeze in my workout and soap opera watching. Today I'm going to try to get my yard sale/consignment stuff sorted, as well as clean the bathroom and spare bedroom. 

And since my birthday is coming up on Friday, I thought it would be fun to post a little wish list on here. 


I've been drinking SO much water and would love a new tumbler/bottle. THIS one looks fun!


I think it would be fun to give yoga a try {since I'm doing LOTS of running now} and have heard great things about this JM DVD. Thoughts? Any suggestions of other DVDs? 

Since I've been working hard on losing weight and have the CA trip coming up, I've asked hubby to save some of my "gift budget" for about a month and take me shopping for some new clothes!


I've been wanting a hooded wind/rain jacket for a few years, and THIS one is amazing. 

Of course, someone can throw in a mani/pedi, hair appt. or anything like that and I would be perfectly happy as well. Or some $$$ for our Cali trip and/or clothes!

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Snow day/#jmdvdchallenge/weekend

Happy Monday from my home!

Cereal is best when eaten from Mommy's lap

My work is very generous with time off. I work for a community college, so we not only have a lot of people who travel {in a rural area} we also have a lot of non-trad students with kids at home, so we have to take into account the fact that if their kids are out of school, they may not be able to make it to class. Anywho, February and August are the only two months we don't have any scheduled days off. But who am I kidding, since I took this job three years ago, we've always gotten a bit off in February due to snow. 

And if I'm being honest, looking at the forecast for the rest of the week, I'm curious to see just how many days I end up at work this week. I'm betting I"m off more than I'm in the office. And that's OK, because it means more time for working out. 

Speaking of ... this weekend I wrapped up the #jmdvdchallenge! I had planned to do Day 30 and finish up on Saturday, but we ended up at the accountant's for our taxes that morning and then went shopping. Once we got home I was planning to work out, but first helped hubs feed the horses. Not sure what happened, but a garden hoe somehow fell and hit my head. I was shocked there was no blood. So no workout due to the throbbing head and HUGE bump.


However, yesterday I got the job done. I hate that Jillian monster. Final verdict is that I lost 7.8 lbs. and 10.25 inches, even when taking into account that I gained about an inch in the thighs. I hate that lunging Nazi. 

This is a "rest week" and next week, I'll begin the #stopandgivemethirty! So excited for this and to continue on this journey with the amazing ladies I've "met" on IG. My plans for February include alternating treadmill time (have to get to training for the 5K that's only 10 weeks away!) and strength/cardio circuits. If you have any go-to workouts, please share!

The Super Bowl was kinda a let down. I was rooting for the Broncos but that was just sad. And even the commercials weren't as great as usual I thought. Thank goodness for an awesome Bruno Mars halftime show. 

So ... today I have lots of plans for cuddling with my little monkey, cleaning house and working out. 

And this week's meal plan is ....

Sunday - Pizza, queso dip
Monday: Pork chop bake (FINALLY!) & corn
Tuesday: Baked spaghetti, salad, garlic bread
Wednesday: Leftover pizza
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Out with my parents for my birthday :)
Saturday: Out with the hubs for my birthday :)

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