Weekend fun!

Yes, it's Tuesday. But we had a fabulous weekend, which unfortunately ended with me having some sort of a stomach bug yesterday - so bad that I only worked a half day. Bed and Gatorade were my best friends yesterday, and I may or may not have sent hubby a text begging him to hurry home. Anyhow, I refuse to let that spoil my happy memories.

{Friday} night hubby and I got all dressed up to attend the ACE awards at the college where I work. I was actually nominated for one of the awards and won! Our president also nominated me as a finalist in his "President's Impact" award, so I was very speechless and touched. More pictures to come once I get them :)

On {Saturday} morning we had some errands to run in town, so hubby and I decided to take Cooper out for breakfast. Since he has quite the attitude, we never know how he is going to behave anymore, but he did very well!

After a bit of debating, we decided to get Cooper his own meal rather than eating off our plates, as he LOVES breakfast. It was a good decision - he got a sausage patty, egg and biscuit, and ate all but half of the biscuit AND one of my sausage patties. Growing boy.

Once we ran our errands, Mister was a tired boy, so we put him down for a nap while I did some laundry, then I headed out to volunteer at a crawfish boil. Our local junior chamber of commerce puts on this event every year, and since they donate to our school, we give back by volunteering. It was raining but they had an awesome crowd! After my shift was over, hubby & baby came up and we enjoyed for a bit.

They had a petting zoo, and Mister LOVED the animals, until they practically knocked him down wanting food.

We had yummy crawfish and a great family afternoon. There are several bands at the event, as it's a music festival as well, so we briefly considered going back once we put Cooper to bed that night. We had our niece lined up to come over and watch TV while he slept and everything, but I changed my mind and decided I didn't want to rush and just wanted to relax with my boys. So we got pizza and chilled. Perfection. 

{Sunday} we got a lot done around the house! Hubby fixed a few spots on our roof, including a place where we had a leak.  He mowed (with the Mister's help!) and did weedeating. I did loads upon loads of laundry and cleaned all of the upstairs, exclusing the spare bedroom. We even made time to do a bit of work in the basement.

And just like that, another weekend had gone by :( Why must they pass so quickly?

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Friday five

{1} We have a fancy-schmancy work gala to attend tonight and I am excited. But honestly, I would rather be cuddled up on the couch in my sweats. Getting off work at 1 p.m. sure helps though :)

{2} Earlier this week, I had a mole cut out. It's on my waistline, so pants are kinda out of the question with five stitches. It hurts like hell. But glad to not have to worry about it anymore, provided the testing comes back OK, although the doctor said that's what she would expect.

{3} We finally took Mr. Cooper back in to get his blood work redone earlier this week (when done at his 15 month check, he showed up as being anemic) and praise the lord, the levels all look great. Very blessed to have a good report.

{4} This weekend, there is a big crawfish boil in town and I'm volunteering. I hope the weather is nice, because these events are so much fun!

{5} I'm really, truly, seriously over winter. While we haven't been getting the really bad stuff in this area like north, it's been way too cool and we did have some frost this week. Bring on the 90s!

Have a good weekend :)

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No one warned me

Throughout my pregnancy and now that Coop is young, I receive so much advice and warnings from everyone.

Say goodbye to sleep. Actually, my child loves to sleep, thank you very much.

He'll never sleep through the night unless you put some rice cereal in his bottle. Why, he began sleeping 8 hour stretches at six weeks, and was solely on breastmilk until 6 months.

Daycare will make him sick. True. Very true. And, therefore, my immune system seems to be shot out the window as well.

Don't wish his life away. Enjoy the moments that he's little and stop wanting so much for him to crawl and walk. He will, and you'll wish he didn't. So true. Sometimes, I wish he would stay in the same place for three whole seconds.

Whether the suggestions turned out to be true or not true for us, it seems that the most important things are the things no one told you.

No one warned me ...

How my heart would explode pretty much every day ... when he smiles, says mama, and just does sweet little things like pick up Easter eggs and put them in his basket.

How FUN being a parent is. Cooper is my best friend and pretty much the coolest kid in the world.

That when I got on to my kid and saw it hurt his feelings, it would tear me up inside. I guess this is where the saying "This hurts me more than it hurts you" comes from.

Just how immeasurable the love is. It truly is indescribable the love I feel for Cooper. And even though, right now, I can't imagine loving another child this deeply, I know I can. Just like with him, I'll only have to take one look at that beautiful face and I'll be hooked.
Even with feeling this love, I still find it impossible to believe that my parents did/do feel the same way for me.

How much I would enjoy being a working mom. There are so many days that I want to stay at home with him, don't get me wrong. But I like making mhy own money and a difference locally. I see how much Cooper likes daycare and the interaction. So it's a total win-win.

That I would come to cherish the smell of a stinky boy. Because that means he's been having fun playing outside and I think that's what little boys are meant to do. I just want to bottle it up, because I know that all too soon he won't let me hold him and sniff the sweet smell.

I would turn into this sentimental schmuck. I always made fun of people like this ... and now I am one of them.

Hold 'em tight. The time flies by way, way too quickly.

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Cooper:: 17 months

Boy oh boy.

Seventeen months. We are inching closer and closer to the two year mark, Mister Cooper. And it's flying by, little mister.

If I had to choose one word to describe you over the past two months, it would be mean. Ha! You have such an independent personality and have an absolute fit if you don't get your way - it's sweet yet embarassing at the same time. I often find myself realizing that I'm just paying for my raising when it comes to you, little love.

Cooper, over the past couple of months you have gotten the opportunity to "drive" trucks, tractors and the Gator with your daddy and Pa Pa and you now love to drive. One day Mommy was riding in the tractor with you and tried to help you turn the wheel, then you slapped her hand and said "No! Mine!" Yes, we are a little spoiled.

I think you could live outside, and it makes me so sad that we've had such a cool spring. Last night, however, we got home and played outside for almost an house before going inside, and I think you were in heaven.

You insist on "helping" and always want to assist your daddy in feeding the horses. Once you've fed Jax Man, you grab the empty bucket and start taking it to the shed.

We say that you and Coco (or in your words, Go-Co) have a love/hate relationship. On one hand, you scream her name and can't wait to let her out, and giggle when she runs up to you. But being a rambunctious lab, she gets a little too crazy for you and knocks you down, which of course you don't like. We keep warning her that one day you will be bigger than she is and then she better look out!

Your vocabulary really has exploded over the last two months! You regularly say things like hi, bye, mama, dada, Coco, no, go, baby and mine. However, you are beginning to associate and repeat words and say things like apple, cookie, side (for outside, of course), Doc (the horse), tractor, dink (drink), nigh-nigh (night night) and more.

You have the sweetest little laugh, giggle and love to wave, especially to your daddy.

You continue to be our little monkey man. You hate to be told no - usually your eyes well up with big crocodile tears. You want to be in the middle of everything and are so observant. You are obsessed with picking up trash and throwing it in the trash can.

During your 16th month, mommy & daddy went to Vegas for a long weekend. You spent five whole days with Grandma and Pa Pa and were thoroughly spoiled.

You now have 14 teeth! Once those top two eye teeth come in, we're told the worst will be over. And you are so close ... I can see them under the gums, so I know they must hurt.

You continue to love all your friends at daycare. Ms. Robin said you think you are a big kid too. This morning, you just walked over and sat down at the "big kid" table (before all the other kiddos arrived, as you are usually in a high chair) and you were just so happy. You love babies, especially your girlfriend, Ender.

You are a pretty good eater and will try just about anything. You really love eggs and bacon for breakfast :) Like all kids, you go in spurts ... one day you'll eat raisins and the next, you'll throw them off your tray.

Ahhh ... the throwing. You have quite the arm! You LOVE to throw, so mommy bought you a basketball goal. You also like to hit and say "No!" so we are working with teaching you that's not acceptable.

We aren't due back at the doctor's office for another month, but I'd say you weigh about 25 pounds. We can tell you are definitely getting taller and you are just like your mama in that most of your height is in your torso. You wear size 18 months shirts and mostly 12 month pants ... a lot of the 18 month ones are too big for your little waist.

Even though you are a "mean" boy we'll keep you and would never trade you for anything in the world. We love you so, so much. You make my heart explode with love at least once a day :)


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It ain't pretty

My body image, that is.

Ever since Vegas, I've been a pig. We had Easter. I've had lots of work things (including a bag of leftover candy from an event). I've been indulging in more yummy drinks than I should. And to top it all off, three days travelling for work.

Ugh. Bloated. Feeling icky. And of course, the extra flab on my waistline. I'm afraid to step on a scale for fear of what the number will be.

End of last week, I decided to turn that around. So I'm trying very hard to make better food decisions. I know it will make me feel better - and not just because my clothes will fit better :) On Saturday, the hubs and I stopped at a pizza buffet for lunch and I was so proud because I had TWO plates of salad, rather than filling up on more pizza. It's the little changes, people.

My fridge has salad, bananas and apples in it. I'm heading to the store at lunch for more lean pockets. Luckily, the food a coworker brought in today (leftovers from a shower) is cheese and grapes.

Now I just need to get back in the routine of running. Perhaps I should sign up for that 5K in three weeks? And finally get down to the 140s.

With that being said (and since my thoughts are clearly all over the place in this post), here's this week's menu plan:

Sunday: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn, crescent rolls
Monday: Chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, salad
Tuesday: Leftover meatloaf
Wednesday: Baked chicken breats, alfredo noodles, salad
Thursday: Dinner out (work event) so the guys will probably do burgers & fries
Friday: Dinner out (work gala)
Saturday: Homemade pizza! BBQ chicken for me and pepperoni for the boys.

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Midweek randoms :)

Oh, hi there.

Life has been crazy. This is my second day in the office since last MONDAY. Hectic, yes. Wonderful, yes. Time for the blog, no.
  • Earlier this week, I was up in Jefferson City, our state capitol, for some lobbying on behalf of the college where I work. Great trip.
  • One of my co-workers and I decided we should be mother and daughter. After spending a full day with her last week and a lot of time Monday-Wednesday, we've decided that we are way too alike. Which I think scared her husband, who also works for the College.
  • While in Jeff City, I got to go up in the dome and outside of it. Too cool.

  • I swear, my child grew up too much while I was gone. He looks older and bigger. Of course, he shared lots of loving :)
  • I'm helping plan a baby shower for this Sunday and am very excited. It's going to be beautiful!
  • While up north, we had a free afternoon. Since my college is only a half hour away, I went to visit a few former professors/colleagues. So nostalgic.

  • Little Mister has decided he could live outside. Oh, and he likes tractors and doesn't like when someone tries to help him "drive."
  • I think it's safe to say he officially has his first girlfriend. I mean, he lets her pull his hair and everything ...

  • He is also a big fan of brownie dough.
  • OK, break time is over, time to get back to business.

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Overheard ....

Just a few funnies from my household recently :)
  • "Temperatures in the 70s ... that's short-sleeve weather, right?" (Yes, I had to ask my huband, I forgot what warm weather was like.)
  • "No! Mine!" (My son, while he was "driving" the tractor and I tried to help him turn the wheel)
  • "Cooper, I can tell you have been playing outside today. You stink. I love it." (No extra words needed, right? And where can I bottle up that little boy smell?)
  • "Where are you headed today, ma'am?" (Delta employee when we checked in for our flights a few weeks ago. Me: "Memphis....(I note his odd look)... Oh shoot, I'm in Memphis. Vegas. We're heading to Vegas."
  • "This is like sex," My husband, after biting into his burger at Serendipity.
  • "Gookie (aka cookie)," Yes, my son has realized that impressing his parents by talking will earn him brownie points, AKA bits of chocolate chip cookies.

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Easter 2013

Whoever said holidays were better with kids was right. Except they should warn you that the second time around is SO MUCH more fun than the first.

Baby chick!
I really don't think many words are needed. Mister loved the eggs. At his daycare hunt, he had so much fun he tripped over his feet on the sidewalk and was left with a bloody nose and scar on his forehead - poor baby.

Stop trying to pose, mom, I'm hunting eggs!

As soon as he found one egg, he would point at another until he picked it up - presh!

And in total mommy fail, I just hid empty eggs, thinking there was no way he'd care about the insides. And, of course, the little snot proceeded to open on Easter morning. Whoops!

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This weekend, I ....

  • Made two batches of these yummies. 

  • Have filled countless trash cans with Kleenex.
  • Sent my husband to the store for medicine twice.
  • Worked on coughing up a lung or two. 
  • Decided to tell spring to fast forward into summer. 
  • Felt so blessed to have a husband telling me to get rest instead of worrying about cleaning the house and go out to get my meds. 
  • Had my heart explode more times than I can count while watching my baby boy hunt for Easter eggs. 
  • Ate waaaaaay too much. 
  • Left my house an absolute mess. Today, I am alternating between resting and cleaning. 
  • Had a wonderful girls day on Friday. We shopped, I found great deals, we made final plans for decorations for an upcoming baby shower and had lunch with the mama-to-be. So great. 
  • Played with a sweet little seven month old girl. Perfect age. I miss those days. 
  • Baby fever followed. And I had to remind myself of a few Baby No. 2 bucket list items - car paid off, Cooper potty trained, etc. 
  • How was your weekend?

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