Midweek randoms

Guess who's back... back again!

Well hi there. I was doing so well on regular blogging but then life got a little crazy. I'm not yet sure how much I'll blog about it yet. Anyhow, I figured what better way to re-enter the blogging world than a random catch-all post, right?

{1} We are practically at the halfway point of summer hours and I am so glad! The mornings actually aren't the worst part for this gal who likes to sleep in, it's the evenings (and lack of time to relax) that is killing me! In July, we are off on the 3rd, I'm taking off on the 10th and will probably take off a couple days the final week when the Hubs is on vacation, so we are definitely on the downward spiral!

{2} Big Brother premieres tonight and I am soooo excited! I look forward to it every summer and WILL find time to sit down and watch it.

Your Source For Big Brother 16 Spoilers!

{3} So ... our sitter is out of commission for a bit (that's where the crazy comes in.) Thank goodness it's summer, as our 15-year-old niece is our live-in nanny three days a week, my cousin and her daughter are watching him the other day and I am off on Fridays. It's just a lot of juggling and I can tell that Cooper misses his friends. So I'm on the lookout for fun activities for him to do with cousin Hannah. Suggestions?

{4} I'm still working out like a beast (and loving T25) but the weight loss has stalled a bit. Probably because I'm eating my way through workouts. Y'all ... I had pizza three times last week! Honestly, I'm pretty happy with where I am in terms of weight but want to continue to be fit and tone BUT for the past four years I think (since before I was preggo) hubby has teased me with $500 for new clothes when I get to a certain weight range. I am currently 5 lbs. away so I really want to hit this goal!

{5} We went to a fun birthday party over the weekend and Cooper had a blast, especially playing with the Play Doh :)


{6} My dad farms so of course Cooper LOVES the tractor/combine. Well, he was helping a friend near my house last week so Cooper got to ride for a little bit. He loved it. My mom is keeping C on Friday since I have to work a golf tournament, so hopefully he'll get some quality Pa Pa time.

{7} After nine months of pushing it off, our contractor/builder finally came to finish the work outside our basement. Now the real fun begins - putting the inside back together (we wanted to wait until the outside issues were fixed to hang sheetrock, etc.) Cooper had a ton of fun playing in all the dirt piles :)


{8} For Father's Day, we ended up going to Buffalo Wild Wings. Cooper was a nut the entire time.

{9} We are 95 percent potty trained! More detailed post coming soon!

Have a good Wednesday!

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Vox Box

A few months ago, I signed up for Influenster and I got my first box last week. I am in love.

{Feel free to sign up on your own, or if you send me your email address I can refer you!}

The box was SO CUTE.

And here's the haul:

{1} Avon Anew Reversalift Express Wrinkle Smoother. I LOVE anything AVON  and this feels so good going on! I have been noticing some crows feet lately so have high hopes for this.

{2} Free gelato coupon .... yummy! I forgot to take this grocery shopping over the weekend but am very excited.

{3} Shell Fuel Rewards card. Honestly, I won't use this because we don't have any Shell stations in our area. But it's a great concept!

{4} Ivory soap. We don't typically use bar soap, but hubby has begun lately and C likes it! I'm really loving how cute the packaging is now.

{5} This Neosporin To Go! is amazing. Cooper is ALWAYS getting "boo boos" lately, so it will be great to keep in my purse or his backpack.

{6} You can never go wrong with a travel pack of Kleenex. Love having this to keep in my car.

Thanks, Vox Box, for such an awesome intro to the Influenster network!

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Weekend wrap-up

Remember all that griping, moaning and complaining I did about summer hours last week?

Good news - the weekend was worth it! Oh, and I finally completed this season of The Good Wife (!) and deleted more than 10 hours total off the DVR!

Thursday we did some work outside to save $$$ with our contractor this week. Our basement/patio reno is really going now and we are so excited!

I like to keep things exciting, so on top of my first week of weird hours, I had a freelance project due on Friday. I pretty much did not have any time to focus on it early in the week, so once I got everyone fed and cleaned up on Thursday, I sat down to begin work. I got quite a bit done so called it a night a little after 11.

Friday morning I hoped to sleep in, but my little man had other plans! I got up around 6:30 (which is an extra 45 minutes) to get hubby's lunch packed and was heading back to bed, but Cooper was awake. We had a pretty leisurely morning at home, and then I got him dressed and off to daycare - I pay regardless of whether he goes so as long as daycare is open, he'll typically go for at least a portion of the day, especially since on Friday I was busy with finishing my freelance job AND had to drop it off and run some errands that night.

Late morning I had most everything done and popped in T25. Friday is double day and I was hoping to do both workouts, but our BluRay was messing up so after about 15 minutes I just decided to get in the shower.

After our afternoon errands, I got home to do my second workout and get cleaned up, then picked up C and we got ready for a family dinner. My cousin and his wife and son were in for the weekend so my uncle had a lot of us up there. I'm a sucker for a free meal :)

Saturday we slept in a bit (but not long enough, COOPER!) and then hubby treated us to "cake-cakes" at Cooper's request. I then got to work cleaning up in the kitchen and doing laundry. We played outside a bit, too :)

We had a birthday party at noon, so I also got us ready for that. After the party, we ran to Walmart to get hubby's Father's Day card. J had been raking hay but got caught in the rain, so he got home about the same time as us. C had not yet napped, so we laid down and all ended up sleeping almost 2 hours!

Sunday we again had "cake cakes!" I needed to do the grocery shopping, so hubby took C with him to the hay field while I went shopping ALONE! We all got home about the same time but then J needed to go bush hog for a friend so C and I settled in --- I decided to clean out the closer while he watched Cars. Then once I got him to nap, I did more house cleaning.

We ended the evening with BBQ pork chops and fresh {from the store :)} corn. Yum!

And now it's back to work ... is it 6 p.m. Thursday yet? :)

And here is this week's menu plan::

Monday: Spaghetti (squash noodles for me), garlic bread
Tuesday: Chicken pot pie
Wednesday: BBQ sandwiches using pork chop leftovers, fries (sweet potato for me)
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Baked salmon, rice, Brussels sprouts
Saturday: Leftovers

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Must reads

I've never been big on sharing articles on Facebook, but here are two that I did post this week and wanted to put on here too.

THIS article had me cracking up. So, so true.

And THIS one. Wow. This mom so eloquently found a way to express feelings I've been having. Nothing is more annoying than when a kid complains "he's not sharing" when there are PLENTY of other toys available. I personally don't like the idea of ripping a toy that my kid is still playing with out of his hands so another kid can have a "turn." I'm not really sure what that teaches children.

Have a good Thursday!

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Summer hours

Gah, I detest those two little words. They more or less ruin my summer.

No one should see this when they back out of their driveway in the morning for a regular day of work. That's right, I was leaving my house at 6:49 a.m. Gag me.

I work at a community college and the load is, obviously, much lighter in the summer. So, in an effort to save on utilities, we work 7-6 Monday through Thursday and are off on Fridays for eight weeks. I like having Fridays off. I do not like working 10 hour days to do so.

With daycare, it creates a bit of a logistical situation. Hubby has a truck for work and Cooper can't ride in it. So I still do dropoff in the morning, and my super awesome sitter does let me drop off at 7 a.m., so I get to work around 7:15 and shorten my lunch break. Hubby can pick up every day but Monday, so I use personal time (which is going to expire at the end of the month anyhow) to leave work a little early those days. In July, I'll probably use a vacation day and split it amongst the three remaining Mondays.

So yesterday was my first "full" day of summer hours. I joked that I was transitioning - got here early on Monday, then did the full-fledged 10 hours yesterday.


By the time I got home, did my workout, finished supper (freezer meal for the win!), did dishes and showered, it was 9. And did I mention my alarm is now set for 5:45?

Shoot me now. Is it July 28 yet?

On the bright side ... 2 days down, 29 to go. #justsayin

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May/June goals

I'm getting back into setting goals and wanted to recap my May goals today and also give the June ones. Right now, they are mostly health and fitness related, but maybe next month I'll expand out a bit.

I did a decent job in May. Finished the 10K and smashed the 5K goal.
Sadly, I only hit about 23.5 miles -- which really has me bummed since I was at 21 miles by the 10th! T25 was just way harder than I thought, and our weekends were so busy I couldn't even squeeze in runs on Saturdays (off from T25) or Sunday (stretch day) like I had planned to.
I did a great job on the water. It's pretty much all I drink now so not hard to do!
Early in the month I really cleaned up the diet, trying spaghetti squash, edamame and some other foods. Then graduation came around and I ate crap. I'm on the clean-ish eating train again though!
And T25 is going great! I start Week Four today and really like it - although I can't believe I move up in just two weeks, these workouts are still kicking my butt.
All in all, I'm going to give myself a B for May!

And the above are my goals for this month! I'm in a challenge group and there was a goal not to weigh in for three weeks for a prize - and I did it, even though I tend to weigh in daily! It was hard, but kind of liberating. In T25, they want you to do stats every Saturday, and I do have to weigh in some for the challenge group, so that's why I say "less often" - I'll do it when I need to, but don't want to get on there once or twice a day and be bummed by the natural fluctuations.

Our food consumption has gotten a bit out of hand lately which is the reason for No. 3. It's not only healthier, but better for the wallet, too!

15 miles is probably a bit of a reach, but I'm really going to try to run at least once every weekend, and maybe one night on the treadmill.

Alcohol has been a bit of a downfall for the diet lately, I think. I really hate to drink my calories. I thought of giving it up all together, but don't want to be miserable if we end up having last minute plans or something.

The water is a given. More on the #1000in30 can be found HERE. And, um, who that is on Facebook ISN'T doing the abs challenge?

Here's to a healthy June!

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