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I meant to have this up and ready to go for Sunday. But, as usual, life has crazy twists and turns and I'm just now getting to it. It's the thought that counts, right?

Father's Day 2012 - 6.17.12

Dear Husband:

I never questioned that you would be an amazing dad. You love your critters so much, nurturing is your nature. For the past few years, it's been tough for you to go to children's birthday parties, because you've had that lost, left-out feeling that you didn't have a kid of your own yet. Now that you are a dad, you totally shine in the role.

It's pretty safe to say that Cooper is your pride and joy. You beam when you see him - especially first thing in the morning and when you get home after a long day at work. You've always been so great at taking him and playing to give me a little "down time" or the opportunity to do those silly household tasks, like washing the dishes.

brand new baby and proud papa :: 11.23.11
Through it all, you've been an amazing partner to me, and I really believe it's made our love stronger for one another. During my pregnancy, you refused to miss a single doctors appointment. Now that Coop is here, you bust your behind at work so you don't miss any of his well checks, either. You've encouraged me to breastfeed, and you get so excited about "Daddy Coopy time" when I have to work late. Having you home to pick him up and spend time with him that extra hour I work now during the week has been such a blessing.

I'm so glad that you got your little boy first. Now, you are so excited and ready for a baby girl - you talk about her so much, it almost makes me sick because I'm totally not ready for another babe quite yet. I love you, and thank you for being such an awesome daddy.


PS - Cooper is so obsessed with you, he hates your working late on Monday. By the time about 6:30 p.m. rolls around and you're about an hour past "normal" he gets fussy and refuses to nap or even be happy unless he is being held, preferably outside. Once he sees your big work truck, he starts bouncing and is immediately happy again. It's sweet and sad, but definitely precious!

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  1. This is such a beautiful letter!

    Lucky you! My husband doesn't quite take Grayson enough for me in the evenings. I have Grayson all day at work and when I get home Craig typically only takes him if he's happy and content. But magically has things to do if he's crying or needs his attention and then its back to me... ugh. And Craig is still in the "one and done" state of mind. Right now, I'm on the fence too but with the cost of childcare, the hard newborn days, and him not wanting to chance getting a girl (which I want and he doesn't) he is definitely saying no more. I guess we'll see in a couple years.


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