It's the little things ...

I hate being the couple in the restaurant staring at one another. 

J doesn't get it. To him, being quiet is just about relaxing and enjoying the moment. To me, it's about having NOTHING to talk about --- and I just don't see how that's possible for two people who work and are apart from each other the majority of the work week. 

But yesterday, I think I finally made him understand. We were outside, playing with Hank and watering the horses. I look over to our neighbors' house and see them each sitting on a swing that's opposite from the other. 

I always want to be on the same swing. And I told him that. And I think he gets me a little more now. 

Is anyone else freaked out by the idea of being old and losing the spark? Because I think my neighbors have...


What I'm Loving

It's sunny and I'm well rested, so I have a lot to love today :)

{1} THREE DAYS until one of my best friends' wedding. AHHHH.

{2} Spray tanning tomorrow night :)

{3} Spending QT with some of my besties who no longer live in SEMO.

{4} A three-day weekend, following a four-day weekend.

{5} Being in a work pool of 30 tickets for the $144 M Powerball jackpot. 

{6} Having an awesome man on vacation who had the kitchen SPARKLING clean when I got home from work last night :) If only I could find a job that tripled my paycheck and let him be a stay at home hubs ....

{7} Sprouts coming out in the garden. Although my dog may be killed if he keeps digging in it. GRRRR.

{8} Lunch at the office today AND Friday. Woohoo!

{9} Hines Ward winning DWTS. I would have preferred Chelsea Kane, but had a feeling she wouldn't win because of the lack of a fan base. Because let's face it, it was the fans, not dancing ability, that led to Kirstie Alley being in the finals. The woman was consistently at the bottom of the leaderboard. Hines and Chelsea could keep up with the professionals. Kirstie? NotSoMuch. Although I really enjoyed staring at Maks' booty :)

Happy Wednesday!



— We had a GREAT weekend! I took several iPhone pics, but they are mostly on J's phone, so I'll have to make him send them to me so I can do an update.

— Between vacation, my leadership class on Thursday and being out of the office most of the day Wednesday because I covered a banquet that night, I really haven't been "to work" much for the past week. So it was definitely rough to come back in today.

— We were very close to the tornado in Joplin, Mo. while driving home from Branson on Sunday. I thank God that we weren't in the tornado's path and actually didn't even run into any rain on the 4.5 hour drive home. 

— I always like to have a day off to recuperate once I get back from a trip, and I did just that yesterday. After sleeping in, I got to work on laundry and picking up around the house. I also cleaned out my spare bedroom closet (EEEK!) and that room, since I'm having a gals sleepover on Friday night. Just a bridesmaid duty, haha. 

— Is there an easy way to blog/check blogs from your iPhone? I can pull up blogger, but it won't let me scroll down. I know I should probably just use Reader, but it's very intimidating for some reason. 

— That being said, I haven't really read many of your blogs since Wednesday. I am working on it though.

— In response to questions I got from Friday's post, a divorce party is just a celebration to mark a couple's divorce. After being separated for four or five years, S&C finally made the divorce official, so he had a little party to celebrate. Since we missed it, we brought S a little favor back from Branson. 

I think that's it! I'm super excited for the wedding weekend, although there is lots to get done (including house cleaning!) before we leave. 


five on friday

I'm off today, so it's an even better Friday. Here's a bit of random-ness :)

{1} After more than four years with the SAME email password, I had to change it this morning due to possible hacking. Sigh.

{2} FINALLY got the garden planted last night. Hoping the dog will stay out and there will be plenty of sunshine mixed in with all the rain forecast for the next week.

{3} We'll be leaving for Branson in ANY MINUTE. So excited. Photos to come :)

{4} I also have Monday off of work and hope to get some in-depth stuff done around the house. I have a bridesmaids sleepover here next Friday, so I at least need to have things clean enough to be a good hostess :)

{5} We're missing a lot of things this weekend (birthday parties, a divorce party, a crawfish boil) but I'm STOKED to be getting out of town for a few days :)

Happy weekend!


miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

i am seriously ready for summer weather! bring on the 90s, please. after we gave in and turned the air conditioner on thursday, i was contemplating turning the heat back on last night. i know i live in missouri and all, but seriously?

i woke up at 4 a.m. today. with a headache. so i'm not in a pleasant mood.

speaking of early wake-ups, j's phone rang at 3:30 a.m. saturday. i was not pleased. then when we saw it was our neighbor, we immediately knew it probably had something to do with our horses. sure enough doc, our stud horse, had gotten out (J forgot to fully latch the gate) and was down there trying to prance for our neighbor's mare (of course!) luckily j was able to easily catch doc. unfortunately, it was 4 a.m. by the time all this was over and i was planning to get up at 5 for work, so i lost 1.5 hours of much-needed sleep.

j is on vacation friday-thursday, so I think i am going to take a couple days off too! we live in southeast missouri and are thinking about a little getaway. not memphis or st. louis though, we've been both of those places. right now, it's looking like branson or chicago. do y'all have any suggestions? flying is crazy expensive, so preferably a four to six hour drive one way ....

supper is in the crock pot and i am super excited. i've been craving ham and beans, so at least this weather is perfect for that meal. now all i have to do is make up some cornbread once i get home.

are any of y'all survivor fans? i LOVE that rob won. he played an awesome game --- and was lucky enough to be on a tribe where people trusted him and he had total loyalty. thank goodness the jury saw he was the one of the three who actually worked to make it to the end, and had the brains to award him the money.



Five on Friday

Work is still hectic! I've forgotten how long it takes to clean off my desk after some time away. And a software upgrade totally has me off of my game today. Hopefully next week will be better?

My good friend Jessica is getting married in TWO weeks. So last night, we died her petticoat to match the bridesmaids dresses. It looks FAB! Her man just started a new job and is in training for a few weeks, so she brought precious Payton, 2 1/2, over to play with us last night and we had a BLAST. I think we are going to have weekly play dates and I am so excited. PS, I'll have a post on dying the petticoat soon.

Have I mentioned how much I love garage sales? I've gotten some great steals lately. Walking out with a bag full of stuff for $10 is the greatest feeling ever :)

About a month ago, we purchased some azalea plants at a local festival. They are still in the containers. Whoops. What can I say? It's rained a lot. We had to pull dead stuff from where the azaleas are to be planted. Now we think they need extra soil and we need a tractor to level out the ground a bit. Being a homeowner is so much work!

I am looking forward to cleaning my house this weekend! It has not really been spic and span since Easter weekend and it's driving me crazy! I don't know if the seemingly never-ending pile of dirty dishes or the mountain of laundry is worse, but I'm hoping to make some good headway on all that this weekend!


What I'm Loving

The week sure is flying by, huh?

{1} I'm LOVING all this sunshine and temperatures in the 80s! My kind of spring! Last night we worked out in the yard until about 6:30 p.m. and I was in heaven!

{2} I'm LOVING that I got to spend some time with my mom yesterday, and she made me wilted lettuce (among other food) for lunch. Wilted lettuce is one of my biggest weaknesses. I can seriously just fry some bacon to crumble in and eat a large mixing bowl full of it for supper :)

{3} I'm LOVING that I got my bridesmaid dress altered yesterday, so I'm all ready for May 28 to get here now :) Tonight we are dying the bride's petticoat --- wish us luck!

{4} I'm LOVING my awesome friends, both IRL and bloggy :)

{5} I'm LOVING that I got my hair trimmed and thinned yesterday. Totally needed it. 

{6} I'm LOVING that I get dumplings and dressing for lunch today. Been looking forward to this for a week. 

Sorry for the boring post without any pictures, I'm just still pretty swamped at work and honestly haven't taken the time to take any of my own and don't feel like scouring the web at the moment. 



miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{unintended break}
Hi guys! Remember me? Haha, totally didn't mean to take an almost two-week break from blogging. But like I mentioned a couple weeks ago, SEMO was pounded with rain, which led to flooding due to backed up ditches, rising waterways and more. So I was working my booty off and also keeping water away from the house. Which equals one tired woman. But now that everything has receded and I'm no longer swimming in all this (puns intended) I'm hopefully back to the blog :)

{i love tv}
So, here are my thoughts on some of my fave TV shows right now:
— Amazing Race: LOVED the finale, but I wish Gary and Mallory had won. Or the cowboys (yup, a girl can wish!) I was OK with the team that won, and thanking heavens the Globetrotters did not. There's something about their attitude I don't like. 
— Survivor: Is the season finale seriously less than a week away? This has been a great season, and now that it's down the the final five who have been pretty tight all along, it's getting really interesting. I really love Rob, so I hope he or Grant win. 
— The Good Wife: Holy crap. Enough said. I can't wait to see how everything shakes out. 
— Y&R/Bold and Beautiful: Um, definitely sweeps time. I can't wait to see what happens with Sharon, as well as Brooke/Thomas.
— Rules of Engagement: Totally cracking me up.

{big boom!}
I'm really not sure how the national news has covered this, but you are probably aware that the Mississippi is HIGH. Well, due to the high stages, a floodway was activated in SEMO last week, to alleviate some of the water. Today, the same thing was set to happen in La. Anyhow, since I am a member of the media, I got to watch the first blast live. It was totally worth being in the freezing rain for two hours. Here's the AP photo. This was taken around 10 p.m. The boom was so big/loud it could be heard and felt up to 75 miles away in some areas!

{summer time!!!}
it's finally warming up here. thank goodness. it hit 80 degrees yesterday. unfortunately it's supposed to be back down to highs in the 60s on thursday (very sad face) but i'm taking advantage of this nice weather as much as I can.

I bought azaleas three weeks ago and they are still in the pots. And what little was planted in the garden in ruined after all the rain. So I'm hoping to get a lot of that work done soon!

{garage sale} 
due to all the rain and flooding, my mom and i didn't have our garage sale last week :( so now it's looking like june. I've got to have one soon, because I have a ton of junk treasures to get rid of. i'm thinking of pricing things SUPER cheap just to get rid of them. 

OK, that should catch you up on my life :) While I've been glancing at your blogs, I haven't been the best blog buddy, but I hope get back into regular reading/comments this week, too.