JD is three months!

I realize I'm posting the three month update before 1 and 2, but I'll be writing them soon (I hope) and post dating them :)

Jacob Daniel, you are now a quarter of a year! The cliché saying is true - I feel like you were just born last week, but also feel like you've always been a part of our little family. I forget what life was like without you.

You definitely mimic when we wave at you and it's sweet

I like you the most right now. Ha! I'm sure there will come a day when you are a mean little 3.5 year old and I don't like you much either. But I'll always love you the same.

Despite everyone telling me not to, I feel like I totally wished away your brother's first year of life wanting him to grow up and reach the next milestone, so I've learned my lesson. You will roll over and all that jazz when the time is right. But if I keep you from too much tummy time to keep that from happening, that's OK too :)

You sleep like this a lot, I say it's your imaginary girlfriend :)

You are the sweetest little thing. You just love to be held and cuddle. Although you are on a decent schedule when away from me, you still like to nurse every 1-2 hours during the day when I'm home, and that's, for the most part, OK. Except when you decide you are starving when I'm sitting down to eat supper.

You coo, smile so much, and have started to giggle. You are a ticklish little thing!

Your hair is getting thinner on top, and I think some is coming back in blonde. Your eyes are still blue. Everyone agrees that you and your brother have a lot of similarities, but you resemble me more. I'll take it.

You are very tall, and can wear some 9 month clothes based on the height. I'd guess you weigh about 15 lbs, but we don't go to the doctor for another month. You have fat rolls on your arms and legs and no neck, and I love it.

Those shoes just slay me

This month, mama had to go back to work and you started day care. It broke my heart to leave you. I wish we had a year of maternity leave. I'm back in the swing of things and enjoying work and know it's the best possible thing I can do for my family, but still so unbelievably difficult to do. I need a maid, nanny and chef it sometimes seems.

But you are doing great - all the kids seem to love you, and big brother likes you going with him. You take 3 bottles at day care - you started with 4.5 oz. but are now up to 5.5 oz. You prefer nursing and while it ties me down, I love having you as my little man and getting that quality time. Right now I wake you to nurse around 6:45, then you take a bottle between 9-10; 12:30-1:30 and the last one between 3:30-4:30. You are very slow with the bottles but an efficient nurser. You like to have a little snack around 6 p.m., then will usually nurse again around 8:30. If we are busy and you stay up later, I'll give you a little snack before bed as well. I am producing well so you are gaining great and I'm still freezing quite a bit. I try to put you to bed no later than 10, and you sleep great for the most part. We still swaddle, but you scoot a lot. On weekends you often sleep until around 8 a.m.

You've started gnawing on your hands, blankets, etc. I guess I'll have to dig out some sort of teether-type items for you.

Slack at your first rodeo

Big brother is in love with you. He always wants to hold you, play with you, kiss you goodnight, etc. He still calls you Baby Toots sometimes - ha!

Anytime we go outside, it seems to calm you. You continue to be my running buddy - I found a new to us jogging stroller so we've gone on a few runs together and you like to just chill and typically fall asleep. You really like looking at the light or contrasts.

We took you swimming one day and you seemed to really like the water. I hope you are a fish like your big brother.

You aren't a huge fan of your pack & play, but like the swing, bouncer and play mat. You tolerate tummy time rather well. We have pulled out the bumbo and it just depends on your mood, and likely how tired you are, whether you sit up tall or slump over.


I love you so much. I think you are the absolutely perfect addition to our family.

Cooper on the left, JD on the right

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