Hello, 2017!

Holy smokes, I haven't updated in MORE than a year! I keep trying to get back into blogging, but life is crazy.

Cooper is now FIVE and in preschool. It's a 2.5 hour program and he's doing great in it, so glad it worked out for him to attend - he rides the bus to school and gets dropped off at our babysitter's house, it's really the perfect setup.

Baby Jacob is now 19 months old. Chubby Bubby weighs 33 lbs. (!) and is a happy kid, but a bruiser just like his big brother, haha.

I've taken a promotion at work and am working 1164313547 hours a week. Haha.

Instagram (michelle1761) is my posting place of choice these days, but when I was making my photo book this year, I totally missed having the blog to look back on, so I'm really hoping to get back in some sort of groove to document life. 

Until then ... is anyone still around?

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