What I'm Loving

{1} I'm LOVING that the sun is shining today! We got hit with some light snow and ice last night (weather forecasters got it wrong, go figure!) but it's all clear now and the forecast looks good for at least a week. Plus it's supposed to hit the 40s this weekend. I'm SO glad, because all of this winter weather is seriously starting to depress me. 

{2} I'm LOVING that we had our first leadership class on Tuesday! The chamber of commerce in the town where I work began a leadership group last year, and I was selected to be in the second class! We had a ton of fun during the first session and I can't wait for all of the other classes. 

{3} I'm LOVING that all the reruns on TV have given me a chance to get caught up on reading and other things around the house.

{4} I'm LOVING the $50 Lowes gift card I just got through the mail via MyPoints. It's a program where you get points to read emails or for every dollar you spend at selected merchants. I just do the emails and accrued the card in about a year — not too bad, since all you have to do is click a link! We have a sorta big project planned to use the gift card. If you're interested in doing MyPoints, I highly recommend it and can send you a referral link, which will give me some extra points, too!

{5} I'm LOVING that my bridesmaids dress for Jessi's wedding came in on Friday. It's just over four months away! We have this dress, but in marine (navy). All the shower and bach party plans are also coming together quite nicely :)

{6} I'm LOVING that I am off work Friday. Hello, three-day weekend!

{7} I'm LOVING that J is being a good workout buddy. He knows how I do 10 times better at actually working out (and doing a good job at it) when he does it with me, so in an effort to keep me on track, he's joining me. 
Last night, we did this video. It will get your butt in shape, literally!

We plan to do this every other day, and Jackie's 40-minute interval the other days. Haven't figured out yet if we plan to take off weekends, just one day a week or what. 

{8} So of course, I'm loving my sweet man :)


  1. can you send me the mypoints link...sounds interesting!

  2. You should do a post about your My Points with the link. $$ for you and $$ for the reader. I'm doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred-again. I WILL get through it this time!!

  3. You are adorable! I love that picture of y'all! That mypoints thing sounds neat! I think it's awesome to make money for basically nothing! I think you should definitely do a post about it! Plus, I bet you'd get lots of extra points!

  4. Hey friends! There actually isn't a link for MyPoints, I have to email the referral. But if you are interested, email me at michellefelter{at} and I will send along a link! It's super easy :)

  5. I'm also interested in my points! My email address is rebeccahjo at So exciting! I'm also doing Jillian Michaels--The Shred. I just promoted myself to level 2---ahhh!

  6. Thanks for the follow and sweet comment! I'm following you now, too! I love the bridesmaid dress...classy and cute!

  7. I'm totally afraid that Biggest Loser DVD would give me a heart attack!

  8. Love the bridesmaid dress! Very pretty! Cute picture of you and your sweet man :)

  9. Thanks for stopping by! And good luck on your reasons for not buying new cloths. Funny how we aren't buying things for the opposite reasons!

    Oh and I heart my Jackie Warner video. I probably should pull it out of the box of DVDs that we never unpacked from the move!

    Happy Friday. Enjoy your day off!


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