Midweek randoms

Hi friends! Nothing like taking a two-week blogging break then coming back for a random post, right?

{1} Can we just fast-forward to October? Seriously. I have so much work stuff going on right now that the next 10 weeks will literally be a blur. But keep the warm weather, please.

{2} Speaking of weather, check this out. Believe it or not, I love it. But I'm getting really irritated about the fact that it's cool or rainy every weekend. Mama wants some pool time!

{3} One of my best girlfriends came in for a visit over the weekend. Her mom lives about 3 miles from a local winery, so we decided a girls trip were in store. We had an absolute
blast and have decided to make our winery trips a non-negotiable part of every visit!

{4} I can't believe this man is practically 20 months old. Guys, that is 1 2/3 years. Craziness. He is so goofy and I just love him to pieces.

{5} Now that gardens are in full force, we've been having lots of fresh veggies. Thank you to my parents and nice neighbors :) I made yummy squash patties to go with our tuna noodle casserole recently and they are definitely a part of our summer menu now!

{6} We had a great Fourth! I took quite a few pictures, so I should probably devote an entire post to it, but here's a sneak peak ...

{7} The hubby and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday. And spent our time after work baling/picking up alfalfa. Then he picked up pizza and we had a yummy cake I baked. We're likely going to Nashville next weekend, so I think we'll do a nice dinner while there. I'm not thrilled that we spent our anni that way, but that's just real life for us.

Last year, in St. Louis
{8} As you can probably tell, I lightened my hair quite a bit last week and am in love! Life is so much better blonde :)

What's going on in your lives?



  1. Cute dress in that last picture! Happy anniversary!

  2. I love wineries!!! Such a fun day. I LOVE that last photo of you, beautiful.


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