Red- red- red- red- redneck!

Sing the Blake Shelton song in your head for the proper delivery.

So, the boys and girls 'round here are pretty darn laid back. We live on 5 acres and absolutely love all the space. Which totally entitles us to bring out our inner redneck every now and then :)

For instance, we let our kids wear 'dorags while out in the hot summer sun helping daddy bale hay, because they won't keep their hats on long enough.

We love enjoying a yummy popsicle while lounging in the plastic pool.

And most of all, we chill on the slip & slide, even ealking instead of sliding down. (Yes, mom and dad joined in this fun, but there are no photos to prove it!

Let's just say there's more where this came from, I just don't have pictures of it.


  1. Haha, I love this post. And hey, I still broke out a slip n slide last year that a bunch of us late 20's people used. It was just as fun as when we were six!

  2. Looks like a blast, and honestly I adore that song!


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