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I don't think it's any secret that as moms, we struglle. We never feel like we are good enough. We always think someone is doing it better.

This morning was particularly trying. My child didn't want to be undressed. Then, all he wanted was Daddy. Once Daddy left, we got dressed but refused to put on our shoes. When we got to daycare and would usually be taking our shoes off, we wanted them on. And then proceeded to have a tantrum.

Ugh. It was definitely a morning that I breathed a sigh of relief once I was in the car and headed back to work.

Then while on Facebook, I came across this video/article. Go there, NOW. It totally helps put life in perspective. What matters isn't the expectations we set for ourselves, all that matters is what our kids think of us. 

I need to remind myself of that, almost every day. And you probably do, too :)

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