Cooper :: 23 months!

Seriously? It's shocking to type that. I keep wanting to say "11 months" or "One month from turning 1." But my baby will be 2 in one month a couple weeks? Pretty unbelievable!

I've been a bad mom and not updated since he was about 21 1/2 months :(

You are very smart and according to our PAT coordinator, have already hit all of the 24 month milestones. You like stacking items. You also like to line things up - it's not at all uncommon to walk into the room and see all of your tractors in a row. Your daddy teased me that this may be a sign of autism {not funny!} but your PAT coordinator assures me that it's actually a sign of math skills. Go Coop!

You are getting in an attachment phase with your "possessions" and like taking your tractors, puppies and choo choos to bed with you. Some days, you get mad when we take off your clothes and just hug them.

Cooper, you love the outdoors. You could play outside all day I think.

You also love being in the middle of things. You are so observant and love to mimic us. And you try to help - which oftentimes turns into more work for your Daddy & I, but it's so hard to discourage you from pitching in - in a few years, we'll want your help and you'll want nothing to do with it!

You are such a manly little boy. You already are very aware that you are a boy and want to do everything other boys do. Sadly, that means Mommy sometimes isn't "supposed" to do things and you push me away. And it breaks my heart. Everyone tells me this is a phase and you will go back to being a mommy's boy, and I hope they are right, and this is a very short phase. It really hurts my heart when you push me away.

You have a great appetite! Per usual, you love anything tomato-y. We had chili a few weeks ago and I swear, you ate as much as I did. I buy the oatmeal squares for quick, easy breakfasts on the go (from Sams) and you really like them as a snack. Toast is a fave. You'll pretty much always eat fries. Anything beans and honestly, most fruits and veggies are great in your book, too.

Your vocabulary is starting to explode and we can have "conversations" now. You like to talk on the phone. Anytime Daddy or I aren't home, we are at "work." Ha! A couple weeks ago, you stayed with Grandma and PaPa since your babysitter was off, and the night you stayed, you had it in your head that we were at work, according to Grandma.

You are getting really good at waving, saying bye and blowing kisses. Thankfully, the separation anxiety seems to be behind us, as you now realize that we will come back for you.

You like drinking out of a straw. You really like ice - especially when we use it to cool down soups, etc. You like wearing hats and your boots (sometimes with only a diaper on other than those two pieces of clothing!) You really love tractors, and when we drive by an equipment lot, will yell "Tractor! Tractor! Tractor!" You also spot them in the fields when we are driving.

You're the best thing that's ever happened to your daddy and I. Thank you for choosing us. And stop being so mean, OK?

To the moon and back!




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