California {WeddingDAY}

My friend Bel, the bride :) is a runner and wanted to go on a little run with the girls to ease the wedding day jitters, so of course we obliged her. I even had some cute shirts made up for the occasion.

Following the run, we had a big breakfast, just the girls! {Hubby and our friend Justin went to the Firestone Walker Brewery while we had a lot of girl time during the day.}

After some work with my strength bands and resting a bit, I headed over to Bel's room to watch her get hair and makeup, and Jessi and I picked up some lunch for all the girls.

We had to get on the trolley for the winery at 4:20, so mid-afternoon, I headed back to our room to shower, do my hair and get all dolled up.


I must say, we clean up pretty nicely!

The wedding actually wasn't until 6, so we had some time to spare once we arrived. It was FREEZING so we basically just huddled together and visited.

Thankfully it was a very quick wedding and they let us go into the barn immediately rather than waiting for social hour. The space heaters and wine sure did the job!

Dinner was ribs, salmon, gouda mac & cheese, asparagus and bread. Yummy. The beautiful cake was red velvet with white chocolate covered strawberries.

Then we danced, danced, danced until the trolley came to take us back to the hotel.

We planned to meet some of the crew back at the hotel bar for drinks, but first went to our room to put on some warmer clothes. We ended up sitting down and falling asleep - guess all the wine got to us :)

Next up: Wine tour!

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  1. What a beautiful event. That cake looks unbelievably yummy. I love chocolate covered strawberries.


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