Friday Five

Thank goodness, we are rounding out another week! It's been a hectic one and I'm exhausted.

{1} After a few weekends with no plans we are revving back up into the busy season. One of Cooper's friend's birthday party this weekend, his next, Thanksgiving and then December is here. Before we know it 2015 will be smacking us in the face!

{2} It's freezing freaking cold here. I suppose I should be happy that we don't have snow yet but come on. I need to move somewhere that never gets under 65 degrees. I'll come home for snow at Christmastime. BRRRR!

{3}So far I've only bought like 4 Christmas gifts. Our list is pretty small, thank goodness, but I'm just feeling behind. Darn overachievers in the world (yes, I used to be one of them.)

{4} I can't believe this one wasn't first - I paid off my car this week! SUCH a relief as that will really give us some flexibility in the budget. We only owe on our house and a Menards card (which is free interest anyway) right now and it's a great feeling.

{5} I just hit up Dollar General over lunch because my mom told me of a great sale. I got three bags of candy/fall d├ęcor for just over $10. Gotta love a good deal! (Especially since I have treat bags to fill for a certain someone's birthday party next week.

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