Back to life

... Back to reality!

Heading to work with my nugget this morning :) He wasn't happy to wake up before 8 a.m.
So while I was on vacation I more or less unplugged. It was fabulous.

I've really enjoyed the past 10 days. Thankfully, I'm coming back to work at a busy time so the day has flown by. In fact, I can't believe I've only got 25 minutes left.

Also very thankful to be back to working 8 to 5. Those summer hours are rough.

I'm hoping to post some about what we did during our time off soon. Honestly, it was pretty much 10 days of relaxing and just what we all needed. In fact, one 2 p.m. rolled around today I was ready for my nap!

For now, I'm going to work on cleaning off my desk, since it does look like a bomb may have exploded or something.

Until tomorrow!

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  1. Glad your back & can't wait to hear all the details!


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