Five on Friday

{1} Super excited for the weekend! This morning, I got an email that we are closing at 3. And of course off Monday for Labor Day. Yay! I've been going about 128 miles per hour since coming back after vacation, so I'm very excited for a day off!

{2} Tonight and tomorrow will consist of tons of fun and yummy food! My (very small) hometown is doing its fair! Cooper is in Tiny Mister tonight, then we'll be heading back up tomorrow for the parade. It's so hot here, that I'm considering hanging out at my parents' house during nap time then hitting a family member's pool.

{3} I've done so much work in Excel this week, my head is spinning. Have I ever mentioned that I HATE Excel, too?

{4} While shopping at TJ Maxx last weekend, I found this football jersey, in Cooper's size, in the clearance section for only $7. Directly in my cart it went!

{5} Last weekend, we went to a birthday party and they had a fun bounce house there. Cooper loved it, so now I'm thinking of buying/renting one for his birthday party.

Have a great weekend :)

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