So What! Wednesday

I've been a longtime blog lurker of Shannon's, and decided today was the perfect time to finally join in on her link up :)

Today I'm saying SO WHAT ...

So What Wednesday

  • If I'm already wanting another vacation, although I've only been back at work for a month after having a full week off!
  • That I still haven't blogged about said vacation.
  • If the only reason I got dressed (outside of pajamas) on Monday was because my parents called to invite us to dinner and it gave me an excuse not to cook.
  • If my son is now obsessed with his stuffed dogs (both appropriately named "puppy" and I let him carry them around wherever he wants.

  • If link-ups seem to be the only thing I can participate in on the blog lately. Life is crazy.
  • If hubby and I met with a builder yesterday about doing some work to the outside of our house and the work will begin next week. EEK!
  • If I've put myself on a spending freeze for the month. And maybe Octover. All those little $5 purchases sure do add up!
  • That I popped open a bottle of wine during nap time on Monday, intending to enjoy a glass or two. And ended up practically finishing off the bottle before the child woke up. (No, I didn't share any with him.)
  • That I'm wearing white pants after Labor Day. It's all about how you style it and what the current weather conditions are.

  • If, on a whim, I decided to cut about 4 inches off (the back, mostly) of the back of my hair last week. Seriously, I made the decision 30 minutes before going in. And I love it!

How is your week? Anyone else totally pumped to only have (just over) two days left?


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