Cooper is 2!

Cooper turned 2 on Saturday, Nov. 23. I was thrilled that his birthday was on a weekend day, because we could have the party on his actual birthday, which I think is so special! More to come on the birthday soon (it will be at least two posts) but for now I wanted to do a little update on what's happening with our little 2 year old.

irst off, the lovely stats. You weigh 30 lbs. and are 34 inches tall - 75th and 60th percentiles, respectively. I was shocked that you are in such a high weight percentile, you still seem to be such a little bean.

You are a monkey! This month, you discovered how to get out of your crib. I was hoping it was a fluke, but now it's pretty consistent that you will climb out. So I guess we should probably transition to the toddler bed soon, just because it's safer. And figure out how to get you to stay there :)

You have come such a long way in terms of communicating and expressing yourself. It's now a lot easier for you to express what you need, want, etc.

Cooper, you have begun to be a bit of a picky eater. I know keep things like canned chili and ravioli, spaghetti-o's and such in the pantry so we have a back up in case you downright refuse to eat what we are having.

Chocolate milk continues to be a demand at our house. It's your absolute favorite and you refuse to drink plain milk for daddy and I.

Some of your favorite foods are beans, salad/slaw (I think this is crazy!), bacon, apples and noodles. You aren't a huge fan of bread anymore. You've developed a mild obsession with suckers as well! You aren't much on snacking, so eat 3 solid meals each day.

You are wearing 24 month and 2T shirts and primarily 2T pants, I don't like the way 24 months fit you. You are in a size 7.5 to 8 shoe.

We are beginning to work on potty training you, and you seem to be catching on. I am hoping to fully potty train you when we are home over Christmas break, hoping I can get a few solid days to focus on that and nothing else. I have bought you some "big boy" underwear and it's pretty adorable to see you wearing it!

This month you and Daddy met me in St. Louis for a work trip and you did well in the hotel, considering you are a little guy who likes to be on the move. You had your first trip to Hooters and the St. Louis Zoo.

You give great hugs and kisses. We've started "stealing" kisses from you, and you take your hand, act like you are "grabbing" one from our mouths, then place it in yours. It's adorable.

You are a daddy's boy. Actually a man's man, because I think you prefer your Pa Pa Sam over me - ha! Probably because he has tractors, which continue to be a fave, along with Lightning McQueen, Curious George, and "Mouse" AKA Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

We like to play peek-a-boo. You cover up your eyes and we say "Where's Cooper" until you remove them while giggling uncontrollably.

You love to watch TV. You really love to roughhouse, especially with your best friend Asa at Mrs. Robin's.

You take about a two hour nap every afternoon. You are starting to fight us on going to bed, so most nights it's around 9 and you wake up between 6:45 and 7 a.m.

I seriously cannot believe you have been here for two whole years! It feels like it's flown by, and it also feels like we've been this little family of three forever. You make me a better person and have taught me so much. I don't know if I ever really  knew what love, pride or anything else like that was until I had you. You make me see the world through a totally different set of eyes, and I love that. I love you soooooo much and am so happy that God chose me to be your mommy.

XOXO, to the moon and back!



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