Thanksgiving weekend

Hi friends! We had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend.

It actually started for me around noon Wednesday, when we got an email that we were closed "effective immediately." Nice. By the time I got home and had lunch, J arrived home, so we got to work cleaning up around the house. Mid-afternoon, we took a little break.

For Christmas, my parents are buying us 1/4 of a beef, and it was ready, so we decieded to head up and pick it up from the processor, since we had cleaned out our freezer the previous weekend. We were kinda close on time, so we went ahead and picked up C. We had to stop at my parents for boxes, so my dad grabbed Cooper and decided to keep him with them while we ran to the processor. En route, I was looking through the Black Friday ads, and we decided to go ahead and run up to Cape to grab some items already on sale.

Once we got home, we did more prep work getting the house cleaned and food prepared, as we hosted Thanksgiving for my in-laws on Thursday.

Once the festivities were over, we had a short break before heading up to my uncle's for Thanksgiving dinner with my mom's family. We stuffed our faces yet again {calories don't count for holidays, right?} but then headed home decently early because J had to work the following day.

On Friday, after a bit of debating, I decided to brave the Black Friday crowds {with Cooper} and try to catch a few deals. I found all but one thing :) I think I'm down to only about five gifts to buy. Thankfully, the crowds weren't horrible, it was just my terrible little 2 year old.

That evening, I met a few girlfriends at a local winery for our ornament exchange and girl time. I shared my Christmas candy gift with the boys, and I think they enjoyed :)

Saturday was spent decorating around the house. I think I'm done. Cutting back a bit this year so the aforementioned terrible 2 year old doesn't break some priceless items.

And Sunday was just a reaally great family day. A wonderful way to end a wonderful weekend - Crazy "fashionista" kid wearing shorts on top of his jammie pants and all!

Coming up this week: Cooper's 2 year post! (Dragging my feet on this one, in case you can't tell :))

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  1. Cooper is getting so big! It seems like just yesterday he was born! *tear*


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