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  • So, I have a reason for my blog silence ... we have been in Vegas! Actually we returned last Tuesday, but have been really busy. Full recap to come soon ... but we had an amazing time and can't wait to return!

  • Wouldn't you know that Mister got a fever the first full day we were back. I had to come into work last Thursday, so he got a Daddy-Coopy day. He's still a bit under the weather, teething, and getting used to being back home, so I'm hoping it all passes soon!
  • I'm having real issues with the cold weather. We are lucky that we aren't really getting snow ... but for Pete's sake, I was laying out by a pool this time last week.
  • I'm ready for spring weather, but still can't believe it's almost April.
  • I can't believe Easter is less than a week away! And our Easter/Spring Break is Wednesday-Monday, so I'm very excited for a loooong weekend.
  • I'm starting to get a real case of the baby fever. Not good, since I need to wait about another year to get preggo again.

  • Having four days off, working four, then another four days off makes life a little insane.
  • Now that vacation is over and our cold days are numbered (hopefully) we are moving ahead with plans for our basement. It's being waterproofed and we will be finishing out the bathroom, adding doors/frames and trim. We began this weekend by clearing things out of the storage room. Now hubby gets the fun task of tearing things apart.
  • I'm signed up to run a 5K in two weeks and not at all prepared. I hate, hate, hate running on the treadmill.
  • Mister Cooper is now officially 16 months! And also in the Terrible Twos, I fear. I'm hoping he gets to feeling better soon to allow me to take some updated pictures. Because boy is on the move.
  • We're going back in to get his iron re-tested this week. Keeping my fingers crossed that goes well.
  • Now that life is getting back to normal, I figure it's a good time to begin menu planning again! It really does make everything easier when I do.
    • Sunday: Ham/beans, fried potatoes, corn bread
    • Monday: I have a work event, so probably leftovers for the boys
    • Tuesday: Spaghetti, garlic bread, salad
    • Wednesday: Chicken tenders, noodles/tomato juice
    • Thursday: Leftovers
    • Friday: Salmon patties, fried potatoes, mac & cheese
    • Saturday: Easter w/my family. We are taking hash brown potatoes and Easter cupcakes!

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  1. You lucky gal, I have always wanted to visit Vegas. Can't wait for your recap.

    I feel you on the Terrible Two's. Mine is 2 1/2 now and some days he about wears me down


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