It's days like these...

... that I wish I had a part time job!

I'm not sure if it is the time change, teething, or something else, but this week has been absolutely horrible for Cooper.

How I felt this morning.

Let me take that back - Monday was a good day. Mister was smiling, laughing, etc.

Then Tuesday came around and he threw a fit when we got to daycare because I tried to take off his jacket.

Wednesday he starting whining the minute we walked in the door.

Today it began the second I put him down. I grabbed him a toy that he loves, and he proceeded to throw it down, hitting the baby sitter's glass-topped end table. Thankfully nothing broke.

I'm kinda at my wit's end. I always told myself that I would have a well-behaved kid. And he is the furthest from it these days. Not to mention, I am embarrassed by it. Who wants to see their kid lying flat on the floor having a fit like the world is ending? Kid, you have people take care of you all day AND are encouraged to nap at least twice. If you want to cry about the day ahead, please, spend a day in my shoes.

From what I'm told, this is normal and every kid goes through this at some point. True? Suggestions? I can say that he's been a big ole ball of slobber this week and you can feel knots where his eye teeth are trying to come through, so I think that's a big factor. And the mornings have been really hard on him.

And for me? Well, I just want to cry. And let him do things on his own schedule, giving him time to really wake up in the mornings. I'm sick of the hustle and bustle, and it ultimately just makes my life a lot more miserable every morning.

Let's just hope this is a season that passes soon. If not, I may need to have my liver checked.

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