The worst feeling

This morning was scary.

It started out normal enough. There is some snow on the ground {by the way, Mother Nature, it is March now, so spring-like weather would be enjoyed.} As on the first Friday of most months, I travelled to a town about 30 minutes south of us for their First Friday Coffee.

In the middle of networking, my phone rings. I'm more annoyed at myself than anything as I hurry to silence it. I notice it's the number from the local hosptial, but don't think anything of it. They leave a voicemail. Then I remember that calls from our doctors office show that number. And Cooper just had bloodwork done at his 15 month checkup on Tuesday.

I make up a reason to excuse myself and walk away to listen to the voicemail. Michelle, this is Pam from Dr. C's office. I'm calling about Cooper's bloodwork. Call me at XXX when you get a moment.

Shit. Forgive my French, but that's exactly what I was thinking. I mean, if everything was good they would have said that in the message, right?

I'm a bit dramatic. Especially when it comes to my kid. Of course, the worst begins going through my head. I'm sitting here thinking that bloodwork typically indicates cancer. I'm thinking of how I'll have to quit my job, sell my car, sell our house and all these things to take care of our sweet baby boy.

Of course, when I call back I get the voicemail. And I was on my way to another meeting, so I tell them it would be best to wait until after 11 to call back, unless they can get back to me in the next 10 minutes.

They don't. In fact, it's closer to 11:30 by the time I hear back. Worrying the entire time.

First words out of her mouth? Cooper's bloodwork is fine. Thank God - yes, I said it out loud. Then I hear the word But ....  Definitely not what I was wanting to hear.

Cooper is slightly anemic. So we are supposed to make sure he gets more iron. Honestly, he eats beans and meat very well already, so I don't think it will be too big of a deal. In a few weeks, we'll go back to the lab to have more bloodwork done {which was bad enough the first time} to recheck the levels and make sure that slightly altering his diet did the trick.

Right now, I'm just thanking God that nothing big is wrong. Low iron is totally fixable. And honestly, it's not a huge surprise - I was anemic during pregnancy, and am often turned away from giving blood due to low iron.

But boy, it was a scare. Definitely a feeling I never want to experience again.

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  1. I can't even imagine, I would have been an absolute wreck waiting on a call back! So glad everything turned out the way it did and hopefully a few small diet changes will help.

  2. Any time the doctor's office calls I freak out a little bit until I get the all clear. :)
    Hopefully everything can work itself out for Cooper!

  3. That's scary. :( I couldn't imagine. I'm so sorry to had to go through that panic.

    Grayson's came back the same way - only my mom told me because his pediatrician told her. But said it was point something away from being normal and if we did it again most likely it wouldn't say anemic so it was something we really don't need to treat.


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