on birthdays

For 27 years, I've always looked forward to the next birthday.

I never felt satisfied with where I was. I was always looking for the next thing.

But not today. No, today, I embrace my age and am happy right where I am.


I am 27 years old. As of 8:12 p.m. :) One year ago, I was freaked out about being 26. But guess what? It ended up being the best year of my life.

For the first time, I feel content on a birthday. I am so blessed and feel like I am exactly where I thought I would be at this age. I am married. Have a beautiful, healthy baby. Got a GREAT new job this year. Hubby and I own (or are paying the bank) for our home. We have our own vehicles.

Being a mom changes you in so many ways. Now, I don't just see my birthday as a day to celebrate Michelle - although it is a national holiday, you know. It's a day to be so grateful for my parents. They're the ones who got me here and continue to support me from one year to the next. My mom is the one who carried me for nine months and birthed me. More than ever this year, I am thankful on my birthday.

I know that, this morning, I wasn't thinking about going out with all my friends drinking and dancing as in year's past. No, I wanted more than anything to stay home with my little boy - that's a real treat for me know.

I'm not really sure what God has in store for me this year. I know there isn't much that can top 26, with all the amazing things that have happened. I hope and pray that this year will mean getting to my son's first birthday and him continuing to grow and be healthy and happy. I hope to continue growing in my marriage, my friendships, and everything else. But most of all, I hope to embrace every day and live to the fullest.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :) 1985 was a great year!!!

  2. Happy Birthday girl! I loved reading this post and you are so right- being a Mommy changes everything and really makes you embrace the good things in life!

  3. Happy Birthday sweet girl!! :)

  4. Happy Birthday! This is so beautifully written. I love it. And I'm so happy that 26 was such a wonderful year for you. It sure will be hard to top such a great year - of marriage and a beautiful & healthy baby boy - but I hope each year keeps getting better and better. :)

  5. Happy Birthday girl!!!!! I'm so happy for you and all the exciting things that you have going on in your life!

  6. Happy birthday, Michelle! I hope you have a great day with your little fam! xoxo

  7. Happy birthday!! Hope 27 is a fabulous one for you!

  8. Happy birthday! So glad it's such a great one today!


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