Friday randoms!

Happy Friday and almost kickoff to a fabulous holiday weekend! I don't know about you, but I'm super excited to BBQ and have an extra 1.5 days of of work (my workplace decided to close up at 1 today for the holiday :))

So here are some of the random thoughts bouncing around in my head.

  • Cooper celebrated his half birthday yesterday! I have an 18 months post in the works, but no pictures ... and considering monky man ended up with a shiner on his eye yesterday, I'm hoping to wait until later in the weekend when it heals a bit.
  • The forecast for this weekend is nice, but I wish it would be warmer so we could have some pool time! Last weekend, I had to work graduaton, so hubby busted out the plastic pool for C to splash around a bit :)
  • It's strawberry season and my mama is making a strawberry pretzel dessert for me to dig into while we are at their house tomorrow. Yum.
  • My heart is so sad about everything happening in Oklahoma. Please pray. Some organizations in my community are sending disaster relief groups to Moore and have asked for donations, so I picked up soem bottled water. ANYTHING helps, so I hope many people will do whatever they can, big or small, to help pick up the pieces.
  • Speaking of prayers, keep this little man in them too, please. They are from my community and I just can't imagine Marshall's family going through what they have in the past year.
  • I got my photo with Mark Kennedy Shriver from Sunday. He is really good looking, IMO!

  • Happy weekend, friends!

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  1. A shiner too?! Gray got his first black eye this weekend... courtesy of me! :( Playing peekaboo while he was in his crib was all good and fun until he lost his balance and hit his eye/cheekbone popping up to peekaboo with me. :(

    That picture is ADORABLE! And reminds me that I need to get a baby pool for the summer. Our development has a pool and also a baby pool but I won't always be going over there so it'll be nice to have one in the yard/on the porch for him to play in.


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