Weekend wrapup

Happy Monday!

This weekend was much, much too short for me :( I think with every job, there's "that" time of year when things go beserk, and that's what the past few months have been for me. But now I'm hoping to get caught up, so expect some random posts in the next week, for my documentation purposes if nothing else.

But back to the weekend ...

After I got off work Friday night, we gathered some items up to take to a friend's yard sale. I wasn't able to help work it, but had a few big items just taking up space in the basement that we wanted to get rid of. We then proceeded to spend a good deal on some clothing for Cooper, but it's all good!

On Saturday, hubby had an appointment in Memphis (about 2 hours south) so we got up and on the road bright and early just after 8 a.m. (super early for us on a weekend!) to head south. The appointment, etc. went well and we got out just after noon. It was a gorgeous day, so we decided to find somewhere outside to eat. We decided on The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium. Normally we wouldn't take our kiddo somewhere like this, but since it was the middle of the day, we figured it would be OK.

Thankfully, there was a really great manager who not only grabbed a high chair, he also went to his office to print out a couple of coloring pages and brought them back with markers for Cooper. Super awesome customer service.

After enjoying a meal on the "patio" we ventured down Beale Street, which was just a few blocks away.

Let me tell you, Beale sure is different in the middle of the day! We wandered through Pepsi's small park with vendors, and hubby bought me a cute bracelet.

At this point, it was about 90 degrees and Mister was tired from not having the greatest nap in the car. So we were carrying his cranky little butt and decided it was time to hit the road! We made great time on the trip back home and stopped in for ice cream, then just enjoyed the outdoors and ran off some energy once we got back to the house.

Why yes, we sleep without shirts in our house. We are hillbilly, plus cheapskates delaying on turning on the air!
Sunday was the graduation at the College where I work. Since I do work in development/public relations I was asked to attend the luncheon/ceremony for the guest speaker, Mark Kennedy Shriver. Of course, that began at 11:30 a.m. an hour away ... which meant it was a full day of work. But nice. I picked up takeout for supper and we just enjoyed.
When Mommy is away, her boys will play!

Great speaker!
It's going to be a looooong week now, but I'm looking forward to the upcoming three-day weekend!

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  1. Ummm, I haven't turned my AC on yet either. I'd rather be a tad bit warm with the fans on than pay a crazy high bill!

  2. Seems like weekends just don't last long enough!
    I've already broke down and turned on the air- I seriously hate sweating LOL


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