Midweek randoms!

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  • I really, really wish I would have had an awesome Memorial Day weekend recap for you. But we did nothing exciting. I helped my husband load/stack hay. We repainted some of my mom's planters. I spent waaaaay more money at Sam's than I care to admit. What happened to barbecuing and spending time in the water?
  • But, I do have a favorite picture from the weekend ... Cooper and Daddy about to go for a ride on PaPa's Gator :)

  • I did manage to whip up some freezer meals in preparation of hell (AKA summer hours) beginning next week. Once we've consumed a few, I'll share recipes and what works, doesn't, etc. As of now, I have seven casseroles in the freezer, which should last at least 2 meals each and a meal's worth of meatballs.
  • I'm trying to drink more water, but it's hard. So glad to have yummy drink mix packets. This cherry limeade, which is the Walmart brand, is one of my favorites right now :)

  • This is a favorite snack, too. I pair it with either carrots or Town House crackers. Yummy.

  • My mom made a yummy strawberry pretzel salad dessert for me over the weekend and it was delish.
  • I'll be getting into this more in his 18 month post later this week, but a couple weeks ago, Mister FINALLY popped in his eye teeth and I did a little happy dance, thinking we'd get a break from the teething. Not so fast, Michelle. The world laughed at me and immediately decided to have him go ahead and start getting his two year molars. Well played, well played. Seriously, the kid walks around with his fingers in a "V" chomping on those spots. Yesterday, at his well check, we saw that one of the molars has popped through. Hopefully this means once they pop through we'll have about a year's break?
  • Rain is in the forecast for the weekend, so I think we'll be doing basement work. Oh, and going through closets for a yard sale.
  • I'm trying to come up with anniversary ideas. The "traditional" gift is cotton - so a shirt? Last year we went to St. Louis, but I'm thinking this year we'll stay home and have a nice dinner somewhere and let Cooper stay the night with his grandparents.
  • What random thoughts are floating around in your mind today?  

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