Cooper:: 18 months!

My baby boy is closer to 2 than he is to 1, and that makes me sad. But oh, so happy, As per usual, every month keeps getting better with this little man.

It's pretty much impossible to get him still for any extended period of time, so I just gave up on getting "good" photos for this post.

I'm not even sure where to begin this month ... except to say that you've gotten very territorial. Your favorite word is "Mine!" and you don't hesitate to yell it when you want something ... whether it be a toy, food, even the garden hose. And you want pretty much everything you see, especially if your daddy and I are using it and you think it's neat.

Healthy check-up at the doctor this month. You were a bit moody and squirmy, since we had to wake you from your nap, but it looks like you are about 25.5 lbs. and around 32 inches tall. You got one shot. No more appointments planned until your 2 year check - EEK!

Your eye teeth have finally all popped through and you are working on the two year molars. Dr. C said it looked like one had popped through last week! I can't tell because you chomp my fingers any time I try to feel around. We took away the paci a few weeks ago and you are doing just fine without it. We noticed you were chomping, not sucking.

You are a sweet, loving boy. One of your daycare friends' mamas told me that when she drops him off, you practically push her out of the way to give him a hug in the mornings. One day when I picked you up last week, you were in the backyard pulling the big kids around in the wagon.

We are raising you just like a redneck, letting you run around outside (in the grass stickers and gravel, no doubt) barefoot! You are obsessed with the ball (actually any ball, any size) and your riding toys.

You are getting quite the sweet tooth. You know where the chocolate is and are always trying to sneak it - Mommy had to move the candy bowl to a higher location because you kept bringing us pieces of candy and it was too cute not to give you some!

New loves this month include strawberries, cherries, and yummy double chocolate magnum ice cream bars.

You are very good at imitating and repeating. We have you watch your Daddy use the bathroom sometimes, and you seem to really want to start doing that, but I'm not sure if you are really ready yet. But you try to be just like us and it's sweet! We definitely have to watch our mouths too.

You can be a bit shy, and it takes you a bit to warm up to certain situations at times.

One thing you are currently obsessed with is picking up trash. Any time you see trash, you pick it up and run into the kitchen. We were at a family gathering Saturday night and you just got up and started gathering empty plates, etc. and throwing them away. Presh! You may be a bit OCD, as you also feel a need to close any door that is open.

You've officially dropped your morning nap, and are beginning to stay up a bit later at night.

My sweet, sweet baby boy, we love you so much more than words could ever describe. You make life so much better. I love you to the moon & back!

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  1. Love the messy faces! SO cute! :)

  2. Oh my goodness he is so so adorable!! And is making me want to way chocolate lol.

  3. he is so grown up and handsome already! got to love those baby giggles!


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