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So hubby and I have been in our home 3.5 years now.
And it's embarassing to admit, but we still have a TON of blank walls. In fact, the nursery is the only room I consider "done." Since we are planning to get new furniture, etc. for all of the rooms eventually and I have a problem committing, we've decided to just leave the walls blank.
So boring, right? And this is our master!
However, I'll finally be getting something above the headboard of our bed soon, thanks to Easy Canvas Prints!
photo to canvas

I love the idea of canvas - they are beautiful and have depth, but are so personal. I'll be getting one of our wedding pictures to place over the bed, and I just can't wait. Of course, I'll share the "after" once I get it in, hung, and have a clean enough room to photography!
In addition to sending me a canvas, the nice people over at Easy Canvas Prints want to give a FREE 8 by 10" canvas with free shipping to one of my readers. So great, huh? And there is free shipping, too!
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