What's been happening: photo-style :)

The hose has a leak in it, but when I walked up behind Cooper and saw this, I burst out laughing and had to grab my phone!

The only horse I would trust my baby on :)

Yes, monky man climbed up a six-foot ladder by himself. Don't worry, Daddy is just outside the picture.

Hello? Someone is obsessed with phones these days, so we gave him an old one!

Notice any resemblance between my husband and the man in the picture? We were at an event last week and he decided he wanted to be like this man :)

We're also obsessed with coozie cups right now and free advertising for Cousin Lee's pharmacy.

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  1. Either the camera caught Cooper at a different angle or his looks are changing! (the picture of him on the cell phone)

    The water hose picture just screams BOY all over it. :) haha. I love your pictures!


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