Midweek randoms!

  • Have I ever mentioned that I have arthritis in my left arm? Seven years ago, I was thrown fell off of a horse and ended up breaking my radial head {AKA, elbow}. It was a pretty bad break and the bone actually rotated, which meant surgery. And arthritis. Anyhow, I'm not sure if it's the hot, humid and rainy weather or what, but it's been acting up badly lately.
  • I know firsthand how important it is to just have time to yourself after having a baby, but I'm trying to come up with an excuse to go love on baby Henry again soon.
  • If you are needing new clothes, check out the mall NOW. We found some amazing deals over the weekend - up to 80 percent off at NY&Co., and great deals at TCP for Cooper as well. I scored these awesome pants for less than $10! In fact, I walked out with a full bag spending just under $50!

  • Sometimes, taking a day off work just isn't worth it. Which I still did about 4 hours of work this week, so that's totally not fair! And, I'm helping with a golf tournament later this week so it's been crazy finalizing everything for it, not to mention work in general. Oh, and at 4 p.m. yesterday we finally set the groundbreaking date for the big project I've been working on. So life has been a bit hectic to say the least.
  • I'm kinda wanting a new blog design, but not wanting to shell out big $$ for it. Should I attempt to do on my own? Is there anyone out there who is inexpensive? Honestly, I just want simple ... like a white background and cute headers.
  • I am so, so excited for Big Brother to start back up tonight!
  • My little sweetheart turned 19 months on Sunday. Even thought he wasn't feeling well, Mommy made his favorite meal and that made everything better!

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  1. I want a new blog design too- I just mentioned that as well! :) And Grayson also loves spaghetti. He gets that from me because Craig isn't big on pasta. Can I just say this was a horrible time to see that because my stomach feels like it's screaming of hunger. Gah.

    I need a new wardrobe. I'm so sick of all my blah stuff.

    Hope your elbow feels better soon!

  2. There are some websites for free blog layouts. Maybe try that


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