Baby R2: 37 weeks

How far along: 37 weeks.

How big is the baby: Typically about 6 1/3 lbs. this one measured about 7.5 at last week's ultrasound so another one on the bigger side - I'd guess close to 8 lbs. at this point? About 19 inches long. The head is also in the 90th percentile. Which is large, but they said actually less dangerous than Cooper's wide shoulders were. Baby's brain and lungs are fully maturing. Lots of babies have a full head of hair, from 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches ... and we saw hair during the U/S!

Weight gain/loss: About 33.5 lbs.

Sleep: I like it and need more of it! Hard to get comfy and too many bathroom breaks.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: The past few days I've really started having that nauseous, not hungry feeling. Super sad because today is potluck day at work.

Gender: Still a surprise :)

Movement: Quite a bit. I like to watch the waves in my belly.
Worries: The baby is breech. My doctor wasn't there to really talk game plan with a larger than typical baby AND breech baby, so I've been stressing about that. But then I remind myself that early on in this pregnancy when they started threatening a C-section for another big baby, my specific prayer was that, should I need a C-section, it be very clear because the baby was breech, etc., so it kind of seems like a God thing. Even though I don't want a C-section, I feel a bit of peace about it.

The belly: Huge. Still growing. Oddly my belly measures on track while the baby is about 2 weeks ahead.

37 weeks with Cooper
What I'm Loving: Officially considered "late term" and baby's birthday is right around the corner!

Symptoms: Just lots of aches and pains.

Big Brother: Hugs and kisses baby Tootie every night before bed. Has been a big help getting gear such as the car seat, swing and all that out and ready.  
What's different this time: Being warm! Oh and husband is still on crutches, at least until next Thursday. So I'm trying to keep this baby in until the 22nd.

What I'm looking forward to: My doctors appt. and getting a better idea of the game plan to get the baby out safely.

Best moment of the week: Celebrating another Mother's Day with my boy ... and realizing next year I'll have TWO kids. Also got both car seats installed and its a bit surreal.

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  1. I love that Cooper has given the baby a nickname of "Tootie!" I'm so excited for you! Having two will rock your world, but since Cooper is older I think you have andadvantage. :)


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