Baby r2: 38 weeks!

How far along: 38 weeks.

How big is the baby: I'm assuming my chunky monkey is about 8-8.5 lbs! As long as a leek (19.5 inches or longer), he/she has a firm grasp which we'll be able to test soon. Organs are matured and ready for life outside the womb!

Weight gain/loss: About 34.5 lbs.

Sleep: I need more. By the time I get comfortable and sleep a couple hours, it's time to get up and use the restroom - I'm taking 2-3 breaks per night now

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Nothing really big. Still feeling full lots of times. I do still really love my peanut M&Ms. My parents are cooking for us Thursday night and I've requested my favorite meal from childhood - tenderloin cooked in tomato juice to make a gravy and mashed potatoes with a veggie. I wanted wilted lettuce but don't think it will happen.

Gender: Still a surprise :) I'm still thinking girl too.

Movement: Quite a bit. And it's downright painful right now.
Worries: The baby is still breech, so when combining that and size, we are looking at a C-section.

The belly: Huge. Still growing. Oddly my belly measures on track while the baby is about 2 weeks ahead.

(Clearly I got a little photo collage happy this week, especially since I still had the same outfit from 38 weeks with Cooper)

8 weeks vs. 38 weeks ... no big deal
What I'm Loving: This is my last week of work! With the holiday on Monday and knowing the baby will arrive sometime next week if not sooner, it just makes more sense.

Symptoms: Just lots of aches and pains.

Big Brother: Good luck, baby. He will love you but also try to smother you.
What's different this time: Breech baby and knowing that we are so large!

What I'm looking forward to: Dinner at my parents house.
Best moment of the week: Filling out all the maternity leave paperwork. I'm not coming back until Aug. 7 and super excited.

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