Cooper's first broken bone

Alternative title: How my entire family got poked and prodded by doctors in an eight-week time period.

When JD was 1.5 weeks old, Cooper broke his collarbone.

It was a Saturday and we were at the park for a family event and it began sprinkling. Cooper was climbing up a piece of playground equipment, slipped and fell.

Poor thing couldn't lift his arm at first and we weren't sure what was going on, but it looked like his collarbone had a point in it and he complained it was "bumpy." Urgent Care was only open for about another hour and costs us quite a bit less out of pocket, so we loaded up and went that way.

Mind you, there was no way I was leaving my 1.5 week old with ANYONE (no bottles yet and just too little for this mama to feel OK) but he also wasn't sitting in a hospital waiting room. So while the big boys went inside to wait, I sat in the car, then headed in with JD once I got a text that they were in a room.

First day home alone with both boys

An X-ray confirmed what, unfortunately, we already knew. Collarbone breaks are actually the most common in kids, which isn't surprising as much as they fall. Thankfully it was a clean break and they said to just do Tylenol and it would heal on its own.

Poor little Cooper was miserable though and would sometimes put pressure on his arm, forgetting about the break. So the following Monday, I called our family doctor to get him in. She confirmed what the NP at Urgent Care said. They do make immobilizers, but nothing that small. However, we decided to get a small sling for him. It helped to hold up the arm, but more importantly, reminded Cooper (and the kids at daycare) that he was hurt so not to use the arm.

Meanwhile, my little buddy didn't want to do much other than walk, so less than 2 weeks out from my C-section (and that Monday was actually hubby's first day back to work, so I was alone with both kids, one injured) I was lifting the 34 lb toddler and such. When I technically wasn't supposed to lift more than 10 lbs. Or drive. Whoops. Thankfully I know how to lift with my legs and had stopped taking pain medication. I actually told my dr at my 2 week follow up that week after getting the all clear and her response? You're a mom. You've got to do what you've got to do.

Thankfully after a couple weeks Cooper felt much better! We did swim lessons and he did great and I think he's all healed and will hopefully forget the broken bone ever happened.

Me? I'm telling God to stop testing me. A husband with a broken foot was bad enough, but add in a C-section, low blood sugar/partially jaundice baby and a toddler with a broken collarbone, and it was all I could handle. Wine, anyone?

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