Labor Day weekend

We had a nice, long weekend, but as per usual, it passed by much too quickly!

My hometown does a big festival called Neighbor Days over the Labor Day weekend. This year, I planned to just take the boys up for the parade and a bit of socializing on Saturday. But, since Cooper won the Tiny Mister last year, he had to go and "retire" his crown on Friday night - ha! So we ended up letting him ride a few rides before heading home.

Saturday morning hubby and I got up and ran. We've figured out a system where we let the boys wake us up on the weekends. Hubby will go for his run while I feed JD and pump, then I'll get ready. We live in the country so it can be a little sketchy but I run with mace and always end my Map My Run app immediately so he knows that I'm done. I felt pretty accomplished to get 2 miles in before 8 a.m.


Afterwards we got cleaned up and headed back up north for the parade and some more rides.


Cooper got me to get on a couple rides with him. I'm pretty sure they are scarier as a 30 year old than a kid, but then again, as a 30 year old I'm a scared mama who is aware that the people putting those rides together basically make minimum wage. I tried to get out of it but he was willing to use his last ticket for me to ride the swings with him, how does a mama say no to that?

We went home and had naps and cleaning all around on Saturday! It was in the 90s here and we were all hot and tired.

Sunday morning I woke up around 4 a.m. and felt like my left boob was about to burst (sorry if that's TMI). I went back to bed after pumping 14.5 oz. (yowza) and had chills so I was pretty sure it was mastitis. I've had a very healthy supply this time around and have been eliminating the before bed pump, but since I'd also skipped a pump that morning, apparently it got to me. I ended up taking both a morning and afternoon nap. Tylenol helped but I still had an ache so we went to Urgent Care later in the day. I say we, but actually mean that hubby and the boys dropped me off then went to pick up groceries - no way my babies were sitting in that germy waiting room! About three hours later, I got the script, but we had to drive about 40 minutes to get it filled as all the pharmacies in our town close at 6 on Sundays. But it was an easy process and we just stopped to have pizza for supper. We went home and watched Big Brother and I passed out in the recliner with my littlest love.

Thankfully I felt much better Monday morning (they said it was good that I caught it before fever so it didn't get too bad) so I went for a run after feeding JD. My dad farms and was beginning his corn harvest but needed hubby to help him get a few things started, so he and Cooper went up and I met them at my parents house later.

The boys both got to ride the combine and Cooper has now declared he wants to be a farmer when he grows up.

Mom and I did some things around their house, including me going through Cooper's old clothes - I washed up the 6-9 month stuff and a lot of it already fits. My baby is so tall! We ended up just eating supper with them since it was about 8 by the time the guys finished up in the field.

And now it's somehow Tuesday and back to work. Whew. How was your holiday weekend?

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