What's in a name?

I always think its fun to hear how people arrived at their baby's name, so wanted to share. As has become our tradition, it took about two days to name our kid.

Our girl name was set ... Chelsea Danielle. Hailey was our backup name just in case, but we had nothing for a boy, other than the middle name, Daniel (that's hubby's middle name so since Coop's middle name is Michael for Michelle, we had to incorporate hubs in some way for this one.)Throughout the pregnancy I joked that if R2 was a boy, his name may be Baby Boy, and it was almost that!
We had so many lists, marking off names, etc. it was insane. A couple weeks before I was due, we narrowed it down to three names: Wade, Ryan and Jacob. Ethan was on the fence, but there were, of course, drawbacks to each.
Wade: My husband wasn't really sold on, said it wasn't a name. Ryan: Our last name is the same as a famous actor with the first name of Ryan. Jacob: I have a cousin named Jacob (we call him Jake) but we liked it because I wanted to do an initial name like JD. Ethan I was never sure on because it seems super popular and then his initials would be ER (or ED if you consider first/middle names.)
So I had basically settled on Wade but was keeping Jacob and Ryan as runners-up, just in case he came out and didn't look like a Wade. I was ready for a boy, until we were driving to the hospital. At 5:15 a.m., when I was scheduled for a 7:30 a.m. C-section, my husband vetoed the name Wade, saying he just didn't feel right about it. At that point, I told him he better pray we were having a girl, because if not we were screwed and would be bringing home Baby Boy.
Well, we all know how it turned out - we had a boy and had to come up with a name. On his birth day, I actually didn't feel any of the three names were right and went back to Ethan for a bit. But I decided to sleep on it, and the next morning woke up considering Jacob again. After much deliberation/weighing the pros and cons (and asking the baby for his opinion, duh) I settled on Jacob Daniel. My little JD.
Funny side note: For the first bit, Cooper insisted his brother's name was Daniel. We'd say "Jacob ..." and Cooper would be like no, call him Daniel. Sometimes it was even Daniel Tiger. Ha!

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