Fitness Friday & Staycation preview

I'm totally bummed with the scale this week, as it shows that I gained four-tenths of a pound. But I haven't been drinking water like I should and only squeezed in two work outs, so I think some of that is water weight. Hopefully it will turn around soon. 
I'm really starting to love this workout. Hello glutes! I hope I'll be ready to hit level two soon :)

I am on vacation all next week and so.freaking.excited. I actually haven't taken a full week of vacation since I started this job in May 2007, so I'd say I totally deserve it. Hopefully I'll be able to get on a better workout schedule :) 

The downside of being a homeowner really hit when we were discussing vacation plans last week. We intended to spend a couple of days in St. Louis — especially after I found a killer deal on downtown hotel rooms on Hotwire — but once we started talking about things we need to do to the house, like finally finishing the landscaping, pressure washing and more, we realized that we really needed to stay home, devote some time to that, and spend the money on something that would last. 

So ... J has rented a pressure washer for Saturday, while I plan to make pizza sauce and can one last batch of sweet dill pickles with my mom. We'll work outside/relax on Sunday, and Monday we'll buy the mulch and get it all pretty. 

Tuesday we plan to spend most of the day at my aunt and uncle's pool, then we'll spend the rest of the week relaxing, watching the rodeo/drinking and nursing hangovers. I'm actually really excited :) 

Expect to see lots of pictures through the week and/or when I return!!!

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