Weekend wrap-up

I blogged about my new outfit that I bought a couple weeks ago for a friend's birthday. Here it is:

Jeans and both tops are from Wet Seal. Along with a necklace and earrings, the entire outfit was less than 70 bucks. LOVE the jeans especially, although I can't put anything in the front pockets. 

As for the rest of our weekend ...
- Friday night I did some cleaning around the house, J and I did a little fence work and then had pizza and played pool and darts.
- Saturday I did more house cleaning, grocery shopped and chilled with our niece Hannah, while the boys worked on the fence. Birthday party was a blast (no pix because I didn't take my camera)
- Sunday we bought some gates and the guys did more fence work. And I went to a baby shower :) We ran out of some materials but plan to get them this week and hopefully we'll finish up the fence next weekend! 
- That's about it. The weekend truly flew by!

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