Ten on Thursday

1. I've been having a shopping problem lately. I always love to shop, but I usually restrain myself from spending too much. Last week, though, we went to the mall and I bought a couple of tops from Charlotte Russe. Then we went to Wet Seal and I fell in love with a shirt  and justified buying it for my friends birthday party this weekend. Then I needed a cami for underneath. And jeans. And jewelry. Oops. However, I spent less than $100 on four shirts, jeans, a necklace and three-pack of earrings - while J spent right at that on ONE PAIR of jeans. 

2. Speaking of clothes, my closets are stuffed. When I cleared stuff out for the garage sale this spring, I vowed to get them all in one closet. Now it's even worse. I must go through it all! And I never even transferred my winter and summer stuff - and now that it practically September, that's probably not the greatest idea anymore.

3. I have found a workout DVD that I LOVE. Jackie is hard-core and I love it! There are four 15-minute workouts - abs, upper body, lower body and total body - and a 45-minute total body. I've done this just over a week and already see a difference. I do my abs every day, and then rotate upper and lower body.
4. I'm not really seeing any difference on the scale though. This workout is crazy on the weightlifting, so I think it's just that I'm building a lot of muscle. Still, I know I need to incorporate more cardio, so I'm pumped the weather has cooled off and hoping to start running at night again, two or three times a week. 

5. I can't believe Labor Day is in a week and a half. Must wash all of my white pants and wear them one last time!

6. I've tried out some new recipes recently. When I get bored at work or home, I browse looking for new ideas. Mostly on 
This week, I made porcupine meatballs. DELISH!

7. Jaxon, our 3-year-old horse, has been a bad boy and gotten into his dad's pen through the hot wire fence one day and his mom's the next. So that's definitely motivating J to finish the fence at our house.

8. J still hasn't finished the weed eating, so I haven't taken pictures of the final results of our landscaping project. 

9. I love seeing the house come together thanks to my yard sale finds! A month ago, my kitchen walls were bare and white, but now I have two awesome photos and a baker's rack to complete it - for less than $60! Photos coming soon :)

10. After working six days last week, I'm super ready to be off work tomorrow and enjoy a weekend! Although I work next Saturday, too, I'll still get a two-day weekend because of Labor Day. Woot woot!

Wow - I didn't think I had that much to say. 

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