Come to my pity party

I sit here on break with my eyelids about to close. 

Yesterday was election day. I finally shut my laptop about 11:30 p.m. Then, of course, I was so wired I could not sleep, so tossed and turned all night and finally just got up to come in to work. 

Thankfully I am on vacation next week :) But sometimes I think a vacation isn't even worth it, as hard as you work before you go and after to get ahead/catch up. 

We were going to head to St. Louis or Memphis for a day or two during vacation. But we're likely just going to stay home, work on the house/fence, lounge in the pool and get drunk and crazy Wednesday through Sunday at our town's rodeo. 

I've been horrible about the diet/exercise this week. Stupid work schedule that has me doing more of a grab-and-go. I don't even want to step on the scale Friday morning. And I'm too exhausted to think about cardio. 

It's freaking hot, with triple-digit temperatures. Even Hank wants to stay in the garage vs. outside.


Is it Friday yet? 

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