5K results :)

So, on Saturday, hubby and I ran our first 5K!

Honestly, I was super nervous Friday night/Saturday morning. I was scared of falling, of all things! Plus it was a morning run, and I was used to running in the evenings.

We did great! I told myself to just keep a good pace and not freak out if someone passed me. I ended up 14th overall, with a time of 30:31. Totally thrilled, as there were several turns

Hubby totally smoked it! He was second overall and had a time of 25:11. Gah.

So overall, we are very pleased. Now I am ready for another!


  1. wahoo! running like the wind!

  2. Your time is awesome! Way to go guys!! I wish my time was near yours! lol I just started running on the 8th but I made it to 2 miles without stopping but a 5k time for me would be about 39-40 minutes right now. I hope by my 5k on the 13th Ive shaved off a few minutes. I run in the evenings too and thankfully my 5k is an evening run.

  3. SOOO proud of you and your time!!

  4. Way to go! Y'all look great!!!


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