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I always have these great intentions of getting back on the blog train, but let's fact it - life is crazy. Which I totally love, don't get me wrong, blogging is just taking a back seat. So I've decided not to hold myself to posting every day, every other day, or even once a week.
  • Baby Ender was born last Tuesday! She is beautiful!!!

  • I didn't get to go see her until Friday because hubs and I both got sick early Wednesday morning. Blech. But when we met on Friday night, it was pure love.
Be still my ovaries!

  • My desk was sporting some interesting additions last week. Love this photo of my boys :)

  • No matter how old you are, you still want your mom when you are sick. Especially when it's 4 a.m. and you are cleaning up your mess.
  • Mister Cooper had his nine month well check on Tuesday. He is 20 pounds and 28 inches. 48th and 50th percentiles. Absolutely perfect, according to the doctor.
  • On Mondays, hubby often leaves the house before C makes it out of bed. So I try to take a picture to send with a good morning message :)
When I washed this sleeper, I thought it was way to tall for my boy. But to my dismay, it fits perfectly.

  • Poor baby has been going through some separation anxiety. We are told this is perfectly normal, but it's troubling. Our sweet boy wants to be held all the time {teething may play a role in this ...} and is having a tough time going to sleep. We used to be able to sing, give him hugs and kisses and lie him down, but now it takes a bit of back rubbing and consoling, then ultimately letting him cry a few minutes. Breaks my heart.
  • Little Mister is also sporting a new tooth! He now has the bottom middle ones, and the top middle and eye to the right of his mouth. The other two on top will be coming through any day.
  • The 5K we are planning to run is in just under two weeks! After taking a week off of running due to the silly stomach bug, we headed out yesterday and I just about made it 2.5 miles. I'm hoping to get in a good three-miler later this week. That being sad, I won't be devastated if I have to walk part of the 5K, but would love to run the whole thing.
  • My hometown has a "Neighbor Days" festival every year over Labor Day weekend, so we took Super Cooper there this weekend. He had fun!

  • He also loves his second cousin, Morgan :) Seriously he did not want to let her go!
  • Gosh I love that gummy grin

  • I've only worked three days each the past two weeks. Totally not looking forward to five this week.
  • This weekend we decided to visit the park. Unfortunately the one we ended up at didn't have the little kids swings, but C seemed to have a lot of fun going down the slide with his dada.

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