Five on Friday

  1. Our big 5K is tomorrow. My goal is to run the whole thing and do it in under 30 minutes. I've run 3.1 miles a couple times and run the whole time, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and the competition gives me adrenaline.
  2. Works has absolutely been kicking my butt all week. Normally I have time to prepare a bit more for things, but it's been a fly by the seat of my pants-type of week.
  3. Hubs has been on vacay this week and I'm so jealous! I'd intended to take the full week off, but when we ended up having a few other things to take off for the past few weeks, I didn't want to dip that far into my time off. I only wish he would use some of his time off to clean house rather than sit around and watch TV :)
  4. Therefore, once we get home from the run tomorrow morning, the weekend will be devoted to cleaning house! And next time I am off work, I am sitting around doing nothing all day, surrounded by the mess. While it drives me up the wall...
  5. I'm having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that fall begins this weekend. Believe me, I'm glad we aren't in the 100s anymore, but I would have liked more summer days with highs in the 90s - it felt like we hit the 90s in April and didn't dip until this month! I'm very excited to buy some new clothes and accessories to revamp my fall wardrobe, however.
Happy weekend, friends!

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  1. Yay for your 5k! That's awesome!! Running is hard, well at least for me. It's something that has never in my life came easy to me. But I'm trying. I can't wait to hear your time! Even if it was above 30, you did it, you didn't come in last and that's awesome.

    I've been training the past month for a 5k. Without an app - I like it better that way. But there is a race Oct 13th that I want to do so bad, I'm thinking it may be too soon since I can't run 2 miles yet.. but I may do it anyway even if I have to walk. We'll see.

    Don't hate me but I'm so happy Fall is here. It's my bliss. I adore all things Fall.

    I had to say something to my hubby yesterday about helping out more. He loves to do home improvement jobs but I told him I need more help with the household chores simply because I don't have enough time to do it all. And.. I get pretty bitter when I run my but off from the time I wake up PAST the time he goes to bed and I see him sitting on his iphone all evening and watching tv while I do dishes,make dinner, pack lunches, take care of Grayson... well.. I'm sure you understand.. lol

    Cooper is so adorable! Gah!

    Have a great week, pretty lady! :)


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